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A. Mutual aid may be requested for assistance during any crash rescue operation. The responding mutual aid departments will respond to ______ if the incident occurs on airport property or will respond to the staging site designated by the Incident Commander in the event of an "off field" incident. The mutual aid departments must respond on their apparatus, as _____will be allowed in the staging area. The responding mutual aid officer-in-charge will report to the staging area officer-in-charge and standby for instructions

- the pre-determined staging location
- no private vehicles


6.10 OEC Responsibilities:
C. OEC will _____notify the automatic response department to respond and also notify them when the incident is tapped out and/or if they are requested to proceed to the incident.

- immediately


C. HFD officers or EMS personnel are not to take or assume control of the scene unless _____ by the authority having jurisdiction

- requested to do so


6.08 Fire Investigator Requests:
A. All requests for a fire investigator in the county shall be referred to the respective ______ . County investigators are on duty daily during normal business hours and are on call at all other times. The HFD officer will request a county investigator through OEC. OEC will notify the County Fire Marshal's Office during business hours and the County Operator during non-business hours. County investigators _____ respond to calls at the time of the request

- County Fire Marshal's Office
- may not


6.07 Fire Zones: HFD has a signed contract with Harris County to provide fire protection in county fire zones that are OCL. These Fire Zones will receive _____ as City of Houston response assignments, based on dispatch procedures according to the type of emergency. Should additional assistance be needed, OEC will notify the nearest mutual aid department. If assistance from the nearest mutual aid department is unavailable or special equipment is needed, HFD will provide the needed equipment and/or personnel

- identical response assignments


A. Automatic response departments should not be dispatched for _____ (trash, dumpster, etc.), unless information is received that would indicate a need.

- “routine” calls


A District Chief shall be dispatched when ___ or more fire companies or EMS units are dispatched to a mutual aid incident

- 2


6.05 Ship Channel:
B. HFD has ___ responsibility in that area of the channel within the_____ located on each side of the stream, beginning at Fidelity Road on the north side and Sims Bayou on the south side, and following the course of the channel to the _____ (SH146 in Baytown). This area was a part of _____ and is not fully incorporated into the Houston city limits. The primary sources of fire protection for this area is provided by: _____, private CIMA fire departments, adjacent paid or volunteer fire departments or company firefighting teams.

- no
- 2,500-foot strip
- Fred Hartman Bridge
- Houston Port Authority
- a limited annexation


An HFD District Chief shall be dispatched when ___ or more fire companies are dispatched to a mutual aid incident with the presence of an IDLH. The HFD District Chief shall report to and _____ with the HFD companies working with and under the direction of the HFD District Chief, if possible. This will permit the District Chief to control the HFD companies and ensure that they operate in a safe manner

- 1
- work under the direction of the Incident Commander


6.01 Giving Mutual Aid:
A. All requests for mutual aid to be provided by the Houston Fire Department (HFD) must be received from the requesting department's Fire Chief, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Director or their representative. ______ or _______must approve all such requests before they are granted

- The Houston Fire Chief
- designated representative


3.05 Houston Fire Chief Designated Representative: Pursuant to this guideline, the designated representative shall be the ________.

- on-duty OEC Chief Communications Officer


H. OEC shall notify the ______ and Safety Officer on all fire related incidents outside Houston city limits if ____ HFD units are dispatched. The HFD District Chief on the scene should request a Safety Officer or another District Chief anytime he cannot directly ensure the safety of HFD personnel because of diverse jobs assignments or locations.

- Shift Commander
- 5 or more


C. The ____ and ______ takes ____ over boundary disputes in case of a questionable location being inside or outside the city limits of Houston. The HFD officer will ask the HFD Radio Operator for verification of territorial disputes or boundaries. Questions regarding verification of locations shall be referred to the OEC Command Staff. The HFD officer will notify the OEC Chief Communications Officer of any ____ and the actions taken by both departments.

- protection of lives and property
- priority
- dispute


The _______ will be responsible for approving mutual aid contracts, mutual aid agreements and automatic response agreements

- Houston Fire Chief


C. The airport tower notifies the appropriate crash station of an incident on or off the airport. The station captain will notify the HFD Radio Operator. The _______ will be the designated Incident Commander until properly relieved of their responsibility. This officer may request mutual aid assistance through the HFD Radio Operator who will notify the appropriate mutual aid departments

- Chief or Senior Crash/Rescue officer


6.03 Automatic Response: The responding department is dispatched on the original alarm by the requesting department. These departments may be dispatched because of _____ or ______. They may also be dispatched to provide assistance and/or rescue operations, especially at motor vehicle accidents, large fires or multiple alarms.

- excessive response time of the first due apparatus
- due to previous contractual agreements between neighboring departments


6.06 Airport Incidents/Crashes: Each airport has an emergency plan that outlines the actions to be taken for any emergency. The emergency plan covers incidents/crashes on and off the airport and ___ or ___ of the city limits

- in or out


G. All incidents involving aircraft will be handled in accordance with the _____ approved emergency plan for each airport. The HFD Airport Coordinator will be notified of all aircraft incidents, in or out of the city that involves a response by the HFD.

- Federal Aviation Agency


B. The Fire Chief, the EMS Director, or their representative, from the requesting department, will be the _______.

- officer-in-charge


6.11 Interactions:
B. The on duty Shift Commander should approve and encourage mutual aid training sessions with other departments

- Shift Commander


3.08 Mutual Aid Contract: A signed agreement between 2 or more agencies with terms and conditions defined. A mutual aid contract may include but is not limited to the following:
A. Identification of parties involved
B. ______
C. Responsibilities of contractor
D. Responsibilities of the City of Houston
E. ______
F. ______

- Definitions
- Term of contract and termination conditions
- Miscellaneous provisions


B. Aircraft/Rescue firefighting equipment from Aircraft/Rescue firefighting stations____ be made available for mutual aid assistance. This will depend on the location of the incident in relation to the airport, _____ and maintaining the ____. This decision will be made by the _____ in conjunction with airport operations personnel. A request for this equipment must be made through the OEC Chief Communications Officer by the requesting department’s Fire Chief, Emergency Medical Director or their designee

- equipment availability
- airport index
- highest-ranking ARFF officer


6.04 Responding Outside the City Limits (OCL):
4. HFD will _____ to the officer-in-charge of the other department. If the other department is not on location, the HFD officer will notify OEC and take appropriate actions to mitigate the emergency

- offer assistance


An EMS Supervisor shall be dispatched to a mutual aid incident when ___ or more EMS apparatus are dispatched to assist an agency at the scene of an EMS incident (A Squad unit dispatched with a transport unit is not considered ___ units).

- 2
- 2


B. Based on information received, the ______ will have final approval on automatic responses and/or notification of automatic response departments within the city limits of Houston. OEC will notify the automatic response departments when an incident is "tapped out".

- OEC Chief Communications Officer


Departments will respond to Automatic Response requests because of:

- Excessive response times of first due apparatus
- need for special expertise or equipment of the responding department
- previous contracted agreements