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____ will assure that daily and/or monthly inspections of SCBAs and personal face pieces are documented, signed, and maintained for ____ assessment

- Company Officers
- Command Staff


Airpack Checklist (HFD Form ___)

- 122


HFD Form , This form is part of the Engineer/Operator Daily /Weekly Check List for the type apparatus

- 122


Monthly inspection reports HFD ___ shall be processed and sent by company officers (with signature) to the ___

- 180
- Air Pack Shop


An officer at the ____ shall be designated to assure that monthly inspections of the SCBAs assigned to the facility are completed and documented.

- Jahnke Training Facility


cylinder pressure gauge for “FULL” indication (above ____ psi) and remove the cylinder for filling if less than ____ psi

- 4300
- 4300


The Pak-Alert should go into pre-alarm in approximately ___ seconds if the SCBA is not moved.

- 20


Wait another ___ seconds without moving the SCBA to allow the Pak-Alert to go into full alarm.

- 8-10


Each SCBA inspection shall be documented on the Station Air-pack Monthly Inspection form by noting acceptable (A) or non-acceptable (N). All non-acceptable items shall be reported to the ___ for repair by 0800. Reported items shall be documented by noting reported__ in the appropriate column.

- Air-Pak shop
- (R)


Face piece and Regulator Form (HFD __)

- 124


Inspection forms for SCBAs and personal face pieces will be retained for ___ years before being discarded

- three