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_____: The actions of a firefighting team in which all members of the assigned unit maintain personal accountability of each other. In an IDLH environment, crew continuity is maintained by voice, touch or visually seeing each member

- Crew Continuity


_______: A thorough assessment or investigation into the nature of the
problem, type and severity of the incident. This provides the information needed to
evaluate the situation and decide on the _____, either offensive or

- Investigative Mode
-operational strategy


Modern fires have a heat release rate which is almost ____ times higher than the natural fiber products found in legacy fires and they reach flashover ___ times faster.

- 3
- 8


_____: An operational strategy that takes direct action to mitigate the problem. Attack lines are operated within the hazard zone, most often as an interior attack. _____ the Fire and ____ Attack are considered parts of an _____ operation

- Offensive Strategy
- Resetting
- Interior
- Offensive


Firefighters entering an enclosed structure
are creating ____ and could create a ventilation induced flashover

- ventilation openings


______: Part of the Risk vs. Benefit analysis that evaluates the events,
circumstances and conditions to make a reasonable assumption on the probability of
savable victims

- Victim Survival Profile


Tactical Priorities: These priorities are the foundation of all ____, ____ and ____
level activities, for all incidents. The Tactical Priorities MUST be addressed in this order
for all activities, at all incidents:
1. Firefighter Safety
2. Civilian Safety
3. Incident Stabilization
4. Property Conservation

- Strategic
- Tactical
- Task


Based on the initial assessment, the 360 survey and the Risk vs Benefit Analysis, the company or Chief Officer who will be assuming command is
responsible for providing a radio ____ to all units

- follow up report


Once the thermal threat has been reduced, the fire should be
extinguished in the most ____ possible

- direct manner


The ___ shall ensure that a Rapid
Intervention Team (RIT) or Interim Rapid Intervention Team (IRIT) is in place for
____ fire attack operations.

- IC
- interior


A realistic ____ assessment must be made
prior to initiating search and rescue operations

- victim survivability


Ventilation no longer equals ____ in
a structure fire.

- cooling


the IC must determine if the risk versus benefit analysis ____ the use of an interior attack

- justifies


Air entrainment toward the
seat of the fire can create convective air currents in the range of____ mph

- 10 – 12


PPV fans are only effective against a wind up to about __ miles per hour;
beyond __ miles per hour the event will be wind driven.

- 9
- 10