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Any conflicts with hospitals should be deflected to ____

- on-call Medical Director


Assign a minimum of __ ALS units and __ BLS Apparatus units to the Treatment Area

- 2
- 3


Using the JumpStart Pediatric MCI Triage: if the Patient is Breathing, then the Respiratory rate determines what category they are marked. What are the Respiratory Rates used to mark the Pediatric patient as "IMMEDIATE"



Place the Regional EMS Disaster Tag on the Patient. The order of preference for placing the tag is: around the neck> ____ > ____ > right ankle > left ankle.

- right wrist
- left wrist


According to Staffing considerations during an MCI, a _____ should be considered as a Triage Group Supervisor

- BLS Apparatus captain


Level I Trauma Centers can initially take __ Immediate Patients and __ Delayed Patients

- 10
- 15


In the Adult START Triage Algorithim, what is the number used in checking a Patient's Respiratory Rate

- 30


START Triage – A method of triaging which allows responders to sort a large number of patients (over the age of __ years) in a small amount of time.

- 8


____ patients will not receive a ribbon. These patients will, however, receive a Regional Disaster Tag upon entry into the Treatment Area.

- Minor (Green)


Once activated, it may take ____ for CMOC to become fully functional.

- one hour


If Electronic Patient Tracking System is available, confirm the incident has been created by whom

- telemetry


Large MCI's may be active for hours or days. If the event is projected to last longer than ___ you should consider calling for the Decon Task Force tents and fans to protect patients and responders from the elements

- an hour


___ – A patient not capable of producing any verbal or physical response to stimuli

- Unresponsive Patient


Using the JumpStart Pediatric MCI Triage, if the Patient is still Apneic, but has palpable pulse after repositioning the airway what is the next step

- Give 5 Rescue Breaths


The EMS Physician Vehicle or Mobile Medical Command carries a WMD Pelican Case with ___ DuoDote Kits and ___ CANA kits

- 60 and 30


How many patients would there be if this a Level I MCI

- 10-20


Incidents requiring more than how many transport units will receive a 710 page

- 3


Which of the following is an example of an EMS Strike Team

- 3 BLS Ambulances


Who is responsible to give CMOC situational reports if the MCI is large enough for their activation

- Base station (Telemetry)


The title for the persons in charge of the respective Triage, Treatment, and Transport Groups are referred to as

- Supervisor


Emphasis on setting up which group early cannot be overstated? This can be the most critical component to a well-managed MCI, and requires an experienced individual with a good understanding of these guidelines

- Transportation


What is the regional web based program utilized by the CMOC, EMS agencies, and healthcare facilities to report asset capabilities, provide notifications of evolving incidents and to designate the healthcare facility’s current capability to accept patients

- EMResource


The IC may consider activating CMOC on a which Level MCI

- 3


Walking patients: The Multi Patient Vehicle (AMBUS) will accommodate ___ litters or seated patients. An ambulance will transport up to 5 ambulatory patients.

- 20


Each BLS Apparatus has a Triage pouch containing rolls of ribbons. What are the colors inside the pouch

- red, yellow, black, orange, and blue


Possible reasons to activate CMOC:
1) Due to a large number of patients, a coordinated effort is required to redistribute patients in hospitals to healthcare facilities ____ of greater Houston.
2) To coordinate the request for and response of ___ ambulances for transport of patients.

- non-HFD
- outside


If you are transporting a patient from a MCI incident, when should you contact Base Station (Telemetry)

- only if you need additional treatment orders


Mutual Aid Units should be requested when more than __ HFD Ambulances are required

- 10


The MCI Guideline makes reference to the number of patients the AMBUS will accommodate in two separate places that vary. In the definition section it states: the Multiple Patient Vehicle- MPV-602 (AMBUS) "is designed to carry ___ patients lying down."

- 18


MPV-602 (AMBUS) housed at station 8, is a multiple patient vehicle that is designed to carry 18 patients lying down or ___ sitting

- 24-26


The Regional Medical Surge Trailer housing the field hospital tents may also be activated if the MCI is expected to be prolonged for how long

- days


What group are the "stretcher-bearers" in

- triage


What is the name of the position that should only be filled if EMTrack system is non-operational

- Mass Casualty Recorder