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Automatic recall usually occurs when one or more smoke detectors in elevator lobbies or ____ are activated

- machine rooms


There is a phase I and II switch for elevators, It is always a key-switch and will have either a _____ position switch.

- two or a three


In no way is ____ part of the emergency elevator service.

- “Bypass”


After activating the “Door Open” switch, firefighters have a limited amount of time before the doors close again (usually about ___ seconds)

- 20


The most common sequence is: Push and Hold the “_____” button until the doors fully close, then Push and Hold the _____ button until the car begins to move.

- Door Close
- desired floor


The second-most common sequence is just the opposite of the first: push the ____, then Push and Hold the _____ button until doors close fully and the car begins to move

- desired floor button
- “Door Close”


More and more, the least common sequence is encountered: simply Push and Hold the _____ button until the doors close and the car begins to move.

- desired floor


The main disadvantage to using _____ in a fire situation is that the doors fully open automatically on arrival at floors. The doors will open fully and remain open until the ____ button is pushed

- Independent Service
- “Door Close”


Never pass the ____ in an elevator, unless the elevator is operating in a blind hoist way at the fire floor level.

- fire floor


Only _____ in an elevator while operating in Phase II or Independent service

- ascend


Disconnecting electrical power to the motor for the effected elevator shaft serves only as a ____ and does not guarantee that the car will not move

- precaution


Push the appropriate key into the keyhole about _____ and feel for the door latch (actuator).

- 3-4 inches


One is, in a sense, attempting to “pick” a lock (the latching mechanism). It may take ____ attempts and some patience to be successful

- several


Attempt to open the car doors only if the car is ____ or more down to the ____ . That is, the bottom half or more of the car is visible at the top of the hoistway opening

- halfway
- floor landing


It should be explained, to the car occupants wanting to exit, that there is some possibility that the car could expectantly move and cause injuries. The ____ should make the decision to exit a car, which has not been stabilized by a qualified expert.

- occupant