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3.01 _____: A function designated by the Incident Commander (IC) to control access to the Hot Zone

- Access Officer


3.04 _____: A function designated by the IC for the containment of spills and runoff beyond the incident to prevent further environmental damage.

- Containment


3.05 ____: A self-evaluation done in a positive manner to outline and discuss lessons learned and to develop recommendations for improving emergency response capabilities

- Critique


3.06 ____: A concise summary of the incident to be held when appropriate after the incident is terminated. Major aspects to be reviewed are exposure signs/symptoms, equipment and apparatus exposure, problems encountered, and positive reinforcement.

- Debriefing


3.09 First Responder _____ (FRA): First responders at the awareness level are those persons who, in the course of their normal duties, may be the first on the scene of an emergency involving hazardous materials. First responders at the awareness level are expected to ____ hazardous materials presence, protect themselves, _____, and secure the area

- Awareness
- recognize
- call for trained personnel


3.10 First Responder ____ (FRO): First responders at the operational level who respond to releases or potential releases of hazardous materials as part of the _____ to the incident for the purpose of protecting nearby persons, the environment, or property from the effects of the release. They shall be trained to respond in a defensive fashion to control the release from a safe distance and keep it from ____.

- Operational
- initial response
- spreading


3.12 _____: A function designated by the Incident Commander that deals with the mitigation of a hazardous materials incident. It is directed by the HMRT Officer and principally deals with the technical aspects of the incident

- Hazard


3.16 ____: An area designated for the on-scene treatment of victims of the incident and coordinating of their transportation to medical facilities

- Medical


3.17 ______: Reconstruction of the events during the response to improve emergency operations during future incidents.

- Post-Incident Analysis


3.22 _____: That portion of incident management in which personnel are involved in documenting safety procedures, site operations, hazards faced, and lessons learned from the incident. Termination is divided into 3 phases: ____ the incident, ____, and ____ the incident.

- Termination
- debriefing
- post-incident analysis
- critiquing


6.01 A ____ hazardous materials response hinges on early detection and safe operating guidelines.

- successful


A. HMRT should be added to the dispatch protocol anytime information is received that
would indicate the involvement of a hazardous material at a level greater than the capabilities of a _______.

- First Responder Operational (FRO)


C. On all occasions where HMRT is dispatched, the HMRT Coordinators shall be
notified. (Pager #___)

- 549


IC shall:
5. Approve the ___of personal protective equipment required for a given action

- level


6.05 HMRT is under the direct supervision of the HMRT _____ and indirect supervision of the HMRT ____.

- Captains
- Coordinators


A. The Access Officer is responsible for control of personnel entering and leaving the

- Hot Zone


B. The officer assigned to Containment is responsible for the _____ of spills and
runoff beyond the immediate area of the incident

- containment


C. The officer assigned to Decon is responsible for the proper ____ of personnel and equipment leaving the Hot Zone

- decontamination


D. The officer assigned to Medical is responsible for coordinating the ___, treatment, and ____

- triage
- transportation


3. Ensure patients are properly packaged to prevent any possible secondary contamination All victims should be properly ____ upon leaving
the _____

- decontaminated
- Hot Zone


6. Arrange for a debriefing of EMS personnel after termination of the incident

- Medical


E. The officer assigned to the Hazard area (usually the HMRT Officer) is responsible for ____ conducted within the Hot Zone as it pertains to the stabilization of the ____

- operations
- hazardous materials


3. Conduct a post-incident analysis and critique with HMRT personnel when appropriate.

- Hazard


G. Attend post incident analysis and critique when conducted and share observations and
safety concerns.

- Safety Officer


D. Implement a response that will favorably change the outcome of an incident by ____ the organization to the _____ level following the Incident
Management Guidelines (Reference II-06).

- developing
- appropriate


D. Until the chemical is identified and/or its hazards known, action at a hazardous materials incident shall be to those of a _____ nature

- strictly limited
- defensive