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3.01 _____: A minimum of 50-foot circle area containing the Hot, Warm and Cold Zone and clear of bystanders, media and non-essential personnel

- Action Circle


_______: Hydraulic rescue equipment on Technical Rescue Trucks and certain Ladder Trucks designated as Extrication Trucks. A list of these trucks will be provided to the OEC Shift Supervisor and updated by Technical ______

- Extrication Rescue Systems
- Rescue Command


3.05 ____: A minimum 10-foot action circle around the vehicles involved in the accident. ____ PPE will be worn in the hot zone when extrication tools are in operation

- Hot Zone
- All


Rescue Team: A combination of the ___, ___, ___ united to form a team that will work together to extricate trapped victims

- Engine, Ladder Truck, and Technical Rescue Truck


3.07 _____: A 10-foot action circle beyond the Hot Zone around the vehicles involved in the accident. This is where the extrication power unit should be located and other needed equipment staged.

- Warm Zone


_____ Shall be responsible for overall patient care and transportation of patients

- EMS Personnel:


EMS personnel should stage stretcher, backboards and other needed equipment in the _____ until the extrication is complete

- Warm Zone


Due to the need for proper documentation, all efforts to extricate deceased victims shall be coordinated with ______ and the _____

- law enforcement personnel
- Medical Examiner


No attempt to extricate a deceased victim should be initiated until the investigation by ______ has been completed.

- law enforcement personnel


_____ Shall direct extrication and make all decisions regarding the extrication of patients

- Technical Rescue Extrication Officer (REO)


_____ Shall assign a Hot Zone Safety Supervisor

- Technical Rescue Extrication Officer (REO)


The Technical Rescue Commander _____ the role of IC if he/she is the _____ on location

- may assume
- highest-ranking officer


Hydraulic Rescue System pump units should be started as soon as possible after arriving at the scene in order to allow a warm-up time of at least ____ seconds.

- 45


Hydraulic Rescue System Equipment should be placed at the corner of the vehicles in the ____

- Warm Zone


Industrial Accidents with patients trapped in heavy equipment present many problems for rescuers. The REO should obtain as much information as possible about the equipment involved from the _____.

- owners


Extrication Tools Out of Service For Repair: The Company Officer shall complete a _____ and notify the Extrication Tool Office

- Form-12