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What are the different ways disease can be detected?

At the abattoir
On farm
Medicines usage


How is disease detected at the abattoir?

BPHS abattoir monitoring scheme give report 24 hours post abattoir submission with results of lungs, liver and other disease findings


How is disease detected on the farm?

Mortalities/clinical cases
Days to slaughter


What can cause pyaemia in pigs?

Tail biting as bacteria travels up lesions into the blood and bacteria are deposited in the capillary beds


What bacteria causes gun shot wounds to lungs?

Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae


What are the financial impacts of disease?

Treatment costs
Vaccination costs
Vet costs for diagnostics


What costs of disease can be hard to quantify?

Suboptimal growth/ADG/days to slaughter
Food conversion efficiency
Secondary infection
Overhead costs


What are some other impacts of disease other than financial?

Reduced FCE impact on environment
Supply of standardised product decreases
Public perception


What are the characteristics of PRRS?

Multiple ages affected
Abortions, increased pre-weaning mortality, respiratory disease of growers


How does PRRS cause losses?

Abortion or weak/still birth piglets decreasing pigs/sow/year
Impact on pig flow through the farm
Immunosuppressive, reduced markets to sell, boar stud shut down


What does PED stand for?

Porcine epidemic diarrhoea


What is PED?

Coronavirus with no cross protection from respiratory or TGE with 100% mortality in neonatal pigs and scour in others with varying severity


What impact has PED had on trade?

Voluntary ban on live animal imports to UK
Not importing feed/semen


What does Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae cause?

Consolidation of cranial lung lobes with mild cough in uncomplicated cases
Attaches to cilia of mucociliary escalator


What is the economic importance of M. hyopneumoniae?

30-80% have it on slaughter with an increasing impact on consistency of product as decreases FCE and increases variation in growth


What is the economic impact of late onset PCV2?

Just before slaughter pig drops dead so lose full cost of producing pig up to slaughter weight and get nothing back