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What is productivity?

Measure of efficiency of the production system and is represented as a quantitative term of the outputs divided by the inputs


How is productivity calculated?

Total value of outputs per unit of time/total value of inputs per unit of time


What factors should be included when calculating the effect of a disease on productivity?

Compare the determined losses caused by a disease with costs of reaching a new disease status


What is required to achieve maximum returns?

Knowledge of agricultural practices and how to allocate resources


What affects production?

Inputs - important not to forget time as an input


What does the law of diminishing returns state?

If increasing amounts of one input are added to a production process while all other inputs are held constant the amount of output added per unit of variable input will eventually decrease


What can be derived from the product function?

Average physical product
Marginal physical product
Elasticity of production


What occurs during stage I of production?

Total production is increasing at an increasing rate
Productivity is increasing during this stage


What happens at the end of stage I and beginning of stage II?

Productivity changes from an increasing rate to a decreasing rate


What occurs during stage II of production?

Production of the output continues to increase but at a diminishing rate


When is the efficiency of using a variable input at its greatest?

Where stage II begins


When is efficiency of using the fixed inputs greatest?

Where stage II ends


Where does the optimal use of all inputs lie?

Somewhere in stage II depending upon the inputs costs and output prices


What occurs at the end of stage II and beginning of stage III?

Production of output reaches its maximum point


What occurs during stage III?

Production of output declines


What is the classical production function?

Graph of inputs against outputs


What is the economic optimum?

Relates total value product to the amount of input and the total costs to the amount of output


What are the three different types of constraints that might be preventing optimum production?

Resource constraints - intervention expensive in relation to benefits
Technology constraints - animal handling facilities/diagnostics
Information constraints


What are the different things that may be important to the livestock owner?

Profit maximisation
Stability of income
Social status


What is required for an economic optimum?

Inputs to a livestock enterprise which have costs assigned
Outputs produced for a market where they are values at monetary prices


What is the economic optimum?

Profit maximisation - what the farmer will work towards


What is the break-even point?

Total revenue = total costs


What is the technical optimum?

Maximum amount of production