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What is incident command?

A system to promote the safe and effective resolution of events through the deliberate allocation and direction of resources.


What routine work can gather information on premises on their ground? (3)

Community safety
Fire safety inspections
Familiarisation visits


Why might a premises be considered a risk? (4)

The number or type of occupants.

The size, construction or layout of buildings.

The contents, including hazardous materials.

Possible hazard to the environment


What is the ORD

Operational Risk Database


How can any ORD information be identified at operation?

Via the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT)


Some of the largest risks in London are covered by their own ________ ___________ ____

operational contingency plan


What types of information are available en route? (6)

1- Call slip
2- Mobile Data Terminal
3- Operational Risk Database (via MDT)
4- Location Knowledge of crews
5- Visual signs (e.g. weather, wind, light)
6- Any other radio messages


On arrival, what should the IC consider?

Information gathering and risk assessment
Obvious rescues
Initial attack with a covering jet
Gaining access
Setting into a hydrant
Preparation for BA use


What are the primary purposes of Incident Command?

To save life
To prevent further spread/loss/injury
To mitigate damage
To mitigate environmental damage
Minimise disruption to the community


What would help the IC to be identified at all times?

White Incident Commander tabbard


As soon as the first appliance arrives, what resources for command support should start? (List of 6)

Appliance main with LFB control.
Hand held radios
LFB forms and message pads
Call slips
Nominal roll boards
The Initial Command Wallet


How would the Initial Command Pump be identified?

By it's flashing blue lights.


What is the function of the Initial Command Pump

Provide the communications link between LFB control and the IC


If a firefighter is nominated to set up the Initial Command Pump (ICP), what does their role become?

The Command Pump Officer (CPO).
This is a designated roll, and any other functions cannot be undertaken.


What is the CPO responsible for?

Notify LFB control the callsign of the ICP.

Maintain radio contact with the IC.

Collect nominal roll boards and turn off other appliance blue lights.

Place nominal roll boards in the ICW.

Enter preliminary details on the incident information board.

Receive nominal roll boards from oncoming appliances and senior officers.

Notify oncoming officers or crews of the IC's requirements.

Continue to function as the ICP until relieved.


The command unit is staffed by a minimum of two _____ _______

watch managers