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Define a special service

Any occurrence dealt with by the LFB, which does not involve the suspicion of fire.


List some examples of special services.

A person threatening to jump from a high or dangerous place.
Incidents involving chemical spillage or accident.
A person in difficulty in or on water.
A person trapped or shut in a lift.
A person trapped in machinery.
Flooded premises.
Making structures safe.
RTCs - extrication of casualties.
RTCs - to wash down a road or deal with an oil or petrol spillage.
Animals trapped in various placed, eg. a bird trapped in a chimney.
A person locked out of a building (danger of fire or other life threatening situation)
A person locked in a building.


What 4 special services account for 75% of all special service incidents (excluding RTCs and persons trapped in lifts).

Persons locked in
Making structures safe
Effecting entry


What piece of legislation gives firefighters authorities the responsibility for, and the powers to deal with special services.

The Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004.


What are the authorised powers of a firefighter?

To enter a premises without the permission of the owner.
Move a vehicle.
Close a highway.
Stop and regulate traffic.
Restrict access.


What does the FRSA 2004 define as an emergency?

Any situation that is likely to cause one or more individuals to die or be seriously harmed, or cause serious harm to the environment.


When must a form 2416 be completed?

Before providing any special service.


What special services are subject to charges?

The use of authority equipment to supply or remove water.
Clearing flooded premises.
making structures safe where there is no risk to the public.
Any miscellaneous service.
Incidents involving chemicals or hazardous materials (other than domestic households).


How is the charge for attendance at a flooding calculated?

Per appliance, per hour.

The IC has discretion to decide whether to charge domestic households.


Under what circumstances will the LFB assist a person locked out?

If there is a life threatening circumstance. For example, an individual needs access to medicine, or the caller is elderly and weather inclement.


What special service equipment should be carried on front line appliances?

Rapid intervention set.
A Saw.
A disc cutter.
Blue pulse light.
A generator.
Composite blocks.
Lift Keys.
Police accident sign.
Hazard barriers.
Salvage sheets.
Salvage scoop.