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When might a water shuttle be necessary?

Where distances between water sources and the foreground may be considerable or over difficult terrain.


What are the two types of water relay?

Open circuit
Closed circuit


Define closed circuit water relay

The water is pumped through hose, direct from one pump to the next.
This is used with Light Portable Pumps (LPPs)


Define closed circuit water relay

Water is pumped through hose to portable dams, reservoirs, or the appliance tank before entering the inlet of the next pump in the relay.
This is used when pumping with pumping appliances.


What affects the pressure of the water being delivered in a water relay.

Frictional loss
Contours of the route


What is the first pump in a water relay known as?

The base pump


What is the final pump in a water relay known as?

The fireground pump


What are the pumps between the base pump and the fireground pump known as?

Intermediate pumps


If a water relay is producing insufficient flow, how can output be improved? (2)

1. Shortening the distance between pump by using more intermediate pumps
2. Increasing the diameter of the hose


The distance between pumps in any relay depends on what? (3)

1- The flow required
2- Diameter of hose lines
3- Contours of the relay route


What does an efficient water relay require? (4)

1. All pumps and equipment to be in full working order.
2. Layout of the relay to be organised.
3. The skill of the operators.
4. Good communications and incident management.


What do three lights on the water tank contents indicate?

The auto fill valve is fully open. This will allow the greatest flow.


What is the maximum output of the fireground pump (LPP)?

800 litres per minute at 5 bar pressure


In a closed circuit, what is the optimum pressure for the base pump to supply water to the intermediate pump?

4 bar


In a closed circuit, what bar pressure should each intermediate pump operator maintain?

A reading of just above zero on the compound gauge


What will happen if the LPP is run for more than 30 seconds without water?

It will be damaged