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What factors need to be considered when attending fire in a building

Life risk
Fixed installations
Fire growth


What is the expected timeframe for the first fire engine to arrive at an incident?

Within 6 minutes


What is the expected timeframe for the second fire engine to arrive at an incident?

Within 8 minutes


The LFB aims to get a fire engine anywhere in London within ____ minutes on ___% of occasions.

The LFB aims to get a fire engine anywhere in London within 12 minutes on 95% of occasions.


What is the purpose of a pre-determined arrival?

To make sure that the right appliances are in attendance to deal with an incident before it has a chance to develop.


What general considerations must the IC take into account? (6)

Life risk
Fixed Installations
Fire Growth


What is a Fire Survival Guidance Call? (FSG)

A caller believes that they are unable to leave their premises due to the effects of the fire, and a control officer offers appropriate advice


What information will control officers attempt to gain during a Fire Survival Guidance call to relay to crews? (8)

Flat number
Number of people involved
Location of caller within the premises
Condition at their location
Proximity to the fire
Last advice from control
Time of FSG call
Time updated


What fixed installation may be able to suppress the fire before the LFB arrives?

Automatic sprinkler


What building contents can cause problems at an incident? (4)

Highly flammable or hazardous goods.
Goods which BECOME hazardous in a fire.
Storage of goods stacked high.
Priceless and valuable property.


What processes carried out in buildings can cause problems?

Manufacturing premises.
Chemical processes.
Production of plastic, foam or rubber.
Processes involving acid.
Major production plants.


What should be considered when making plans to tackle a fire in a building that presents storage or processing difficulties?

The safety of firefighters and the public.


At the end of an incident, the cause of the fire must be investigated. How will firefighters ensure that the fire is fully extinguished? (2)

By damping down and turning over.
By cutting away.


From outside the building, how would a firefighter locate the fire?

Gather information from eye witnesses.

Check the AFA panel.

Look for signs- smoke, discolouration of windows, high temperatures.

Feel for hot doors.

Burning smell.

Listen for crackling.


Within the building, how would a firefighter locate a fire?

Look for smoke and heat damage.

Feel surfaces for heat.

Use the TIC.


What does a brightly burning fire indicate?

A good supply of oxygen.
Possible higher heat.
Possible fire spread.


What is the 'weight of attack'?

The number of jets

flow settings selected

the size of hose


Why should a supporting hose (a second BA team protecting the route of the firefighting team) be at least one length longer?

This allows them to reach beyond, protect and if necessary rescue the initial team.


When must a support team be in place before an entry is made?

At a basement fire


When might a firefighter need to 'cut away'?

1- To investigate a suspected fire.
2- To locate and extinguish an inaccessible fire.