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At what pressure should the intermediate pumps start supplying water in an open circuit?

2 bar


What two types of extinguishers can be used on fires involving electrical apparatus

Dry powder


When would 6% low expansion foam be used

For fires involving polar solvents


When producing foam with an RB101, what pressure should the branch operate at, and what should be the flow setting

6 bar
400 litres per minute


In which sector would the bridgehead be located at a high rise incident

The lobby sector


Where should a fire lift be stopped at when ascending the building at a high rise incident and what should be done if there are doubts to the location of the fire

A minimum of 2 floors below the fire
Proceed to a known safe point and continue on foot


What does the red warning triangle displayed on the TIC indicate

General system failure.
Turn off and leave for 5 minutes.
If the symbol is still present, it should be taken off the run.


Staying low is one of the techniques to avoid unnecessary exposure to heat in a basement fire. List another four

Minimum weight of attack - charged 45mm jet
Pulse spray to cool gas
Get below the heat barrier before applying water
Warn other BA teams before applying water


6 hazards when firefighting in basements

Difficult to ventilate
Heat barrier
Difficult access and egress
Confined working space
Not many landmarks
Building utilities and services
Difficult to locate the seat of the fire


How would self ventilation occur at a fire

Fire damages the structure of the premises, so that increased ventilation occurs.
Examples are fire breaking a window, roof collapse, partial wall collapse


What is offensive ventilation

Carried out in the fire compartment, to limit fire spread and improve conditions


What is a flashover

The sudden and sustained transition from a fire in a room to a room on fire.


What are the advantages of using a rising main

Reduces the amount of hose
Reduces friction loss
Less equipment needed
Stairs clear of hose
Reduces effort and time required by staff


What are the three functions of an AFA

To detect a fire
Raise an alarm and indicate it’s whereabouts
Raise alarm at central control point


What are the firefighter actions when signs of a backdraught are present

Communicate the hazard to other FFs, ECO and IC
Consider ventilating
Use the TIC to assess temperatures In the compartment
Use correct door procedure
Pulse spray


What is the purpose of a long pulse

To cool and dilute fire gasses


What can cause gasses to accumulate outside the compartment

Leakage from the compartment.
Heat being conducted through the compartment, resulting in pyrolysis.
The construction of the building (eg sandwich panels)


What should the flow setting be when gas cooling



What are the reasons for cutting away

To investigate a suspected fire
To locate and extinguish an inaccessible fire


List 6 CPO responsibilities

Notify LFB control of ICP call sign.
Radio contact with the IC
Collect nominal roll boards
Place nominal roll boards in the ICW
Enter details on incident information board
Receive nominal roll boards from oncoming appliances
Notify oncoming crews of the ICs commands
Continue to function as ICP until relieved.


How does tactical mode support and enhance incident command risk assessment

Shares the outcome of the ICs ORA
Ensures that operations of a crew do not negatively impact on other crews
Records the outcome of the ICs ORA


What must the emergency team leader do immediately after locating the team requiring assistance.

Communicate with ECO
Identify which BA team requires assistance
Tell the recipient what they intend to do
Assess the face mask of the second set


If you are sent to the sprinkler valve at a fire, what must you do

Make sure the valve is open unless stated otherwise by the IC

Close the valve on orders of the IC