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Administrative Closure

The process of accumulating, finishing , and interpreting information to achieve completion of a phase or project


Approved Change Request (Output/Input)

A request for a change on a project that has been approved via formal or informal change request



An educated, logical guess about a variable when its details are unknown on a project or program


Assumption Analysis

A technique to determine if the project assumptions are accurate, consistent, and complete and, if not, the resultant risks to the project


Change Control

The formal or informal process of reviewing changes associated with a project; will result in approval or rejection of changes


Change Control Board (CCB)

A group of people formally recognized to approve or reject requested changes on a project


Change Control System

A documented, formal process that manages change associated with the project


Change Management Plan

A plan that defines the project change management process


Close Project or Phase

The process of finalizing all project activities to formally complete a project or phase


Configuration Management

A process which verifies that the products of the project are complete and accurate


Configuration Management Plan

A plan that defines the process for controlling change to configurable items that require formal change control


Configuration Management System

A subsystem of the project management system that is used to ensure that the project creates what is intended from the details of the project management plan


Corrective Actions

Actions on a project that will correct a component of the project that is out of alignment with the baseline


Develop Project Charter

The process of developing the project charter


Develop Project Management Plan

The process of documenting the required actions to prepare and integrate the various management plans for the project


Direct and Manage Project Execution

The process of performing the work defined in the project management plan


Formal Acceptance

Attaining signature for a piece of the project or the complete project, where the signature represents completion or closure of the project or that piece of the project



Commitment from the sponsor and organization to start a project or to continue it to the next phase


Lessons Learned

A process, meeting, or questionnaire (possibly all) to discuss what worked and didn't work on the project, with the purpose of not repeating what didn't work and maximizing what did work correctly


Lessons Learned Knowledge Base

A collection of historical information about previous projects



A document which tracks items that occur during a project (Ex: change, issue, and defect)


Monitor and Control Project Work

The process of managing and controlling the Initiating, Planning, Executing, and Closing pieces of a project in accordance with the project management plan


Payback Period

The amount of time needed to recover the investment in the project


Perform Integrated Change Control

Apply the change control process as it relates to all project Knowledge Areas


Project Archives

A set of records that correctly describe and document the history of the project


Project Integration Management

The processes used to manage all Knowledge Areas across the project life cycle; can include plan creation, execution, and change control


Project Management Information System (PMIS)

An information system which includes the tools and techniques used to support a project from inception through closure.


Project Management Plan (Output/Input)

(Formerly called the project plan) A formal comprehensive document that describes how the plan of the project will be implemented and monitored; can include various management plans (from the Knowledge Areas) and documents such as the work breakdown structure, project scope statement, and organizational chart


Project or Program Charter (Output/Input)

The foundational document which states the main details of the project or program; typically includes the following: Scope of the project or program, any constraints and assumptions including time and cost goals, why the project or program is being done, description of project or program manager authority


Requested Change

A formal request for a change to the project that is submitted for approval via the Perform Integrated Change Control process


Return on Investment (ROI)

The amount of income from an investment; income divided by the investment


Stakeholder Analysis

The process of discovering key needs, names, position, focus , and influences on the project of all stakeholders


Statement of Work (SOW)

A description of services, products, and work results to be accomplished on a project or other initiative


Strategic Planning

Long-term planning by a company (usually three to five years in the future)



An integrated set of pieces used to achieve a specific project goal; could be an actual process or management process, or some mix of both approaches


Technical Performance Measurement (Technique)

A measurement approach that compares what was technically created in the project compared to what the project management plan shows should have been created



An item such as the template of a computer application used in a project to help complete project work


Trend Analysis (Technique)

An approach that attempts to forecast future results based on historical information


Weighted Scoring Model

A project-selection technique in which criteria are defined and a weight given to it. Each project is then measured on the sum of each of those components and selections made from that result.


Work Authorization

A technique which ensures that the right work is done at the right time in the right order


Work Authorization System

A system in the project management approach that allows the right work to begin at the right time (or sequence) by the right people; can be something as informal as project manager approval to something as formal as documented predecessors and sign off before work can begin