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1. Spinelli
2. Big Bang - To abolish sovereign states in Europe
3. Normative
4. To use post-war Europe - Failed because took too long - Led to the creation of the Council of Europe



1. Mitrany
2. Separate functional agencies - States would become interdependent
3. Function follows form
4. Normative
5. Spreading web of international activities and agencies



1. Haas and Lindberg
2. Non-state actors and spillover
3. Descriptive
4. Functional spillover, political spillover, cultivated spillover and geographical spillover


Supranational governance

Certain things are so transnational by nature that they will have to be put in common = Europeanisation



1. Hoffmann
2. There will only be integration as far as the governments want it (high v. low politics)
3. Rational state actors respect the national interest
4. Bargain of power between the MS


Liberal inter-governmentalism

(Inter-governmentalism +)
1. Moravsic
2. The domestic situation influences the preferences of the MS
3. Bargain of power between the MS


Multi-level governance

1. Hooghe and Marks
2. Integration is a process of negotiation between governments on a supranational, national and regional level
3. Different levels of policies - Every level has its own powers - It it is not within its power to act, it will integrate
4. Collective decision-making requires the loss of control
3. The political systems of each MS are not separate from each other