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Because with free movement of services, more and more citizens go exercise the same job in another MS - The Directive wants to ensure that workers are treated fairly and equally


Why was it criticised?

Because for countries with larger economies, it meant that cheaper employees come come and get the jobs of the more expensive local labour force


What are the arguments against the Directive?

1. Posted workers are cheaper than local ones
2. They are being preferred
3. If they gain the same salary, they will not be preferred anymore
4. They will not be employed anymore
5. They will be undeclared workers
6. The costs will go up and the consumers will suffer


What are the arguments supporting the Directive?

1. To bring up the social standards of protection
2. The only competitive advantage of cheaper workers is that their social protection is not paid for (it is not an issue of qualifications)
3. If there is no social protection, there is no respect
4. If there is no respect, there is no solidarity
5. It is just moving unemployment around, not solving the issue


What changes have been made to the Directive?

1. 12 months instead of 24, which can be extended by 6 more months
2. More transparency so that the workers can understand how it works