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Who said “Psychology has a long past, yet its real history is short"?

Hermann Ebbinghaus (1908)


What is the short history of psychology? Who is involved?

With Wundt's first lab 1879?
Ebbinghaus: short history is 30 years
Today: short history is 130+ years


How does the "presentist" view of history see the progression of psychology?

Starting late 1800's -> Structuralism -> functionalism -> Psychoanalysis -> behaviourism
1970 on:
Cognitivism and applied psych


Whats is "practical syllogism" / "belief desire" model?

Psychological form of explanation: Why do A (Action)? Because Person had Desire for Y and a Belief that A would lead to goal Y.

Explanation by reasons


What is the long history?

The explanatory methods of psych aren't new. Folk psych uses Belief desire model Desire + Belief=Action/behaviour.
Follows ancient way of thinking e.g.. anecdote from the Illiad uses this model


Is enquiry scientific?

Enquiry (not scientific itself)-> Critical enquiry (puts results of enquiry to test)= science