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What is logic?

the form of reason


What is a syllogism?

2 or more premises which, if true imply (deduce) a true conclusion


How is an argument valid?

flows logically


How is an argument sound?

valid and premises are true


What is Modus Tollens?

form of argument central to science. Denying the consequent If P then Q, Not Q, Not P


What are these fallacies:
1. Circularity/petitio principii
2. Ad hominem
3. Ignorato Elenchi

1. Begging the question/assumes the things you're claiming to prove
2. Attacking arguer
3. Straw man argument- attacking an argument that wasn't actually made by opponent


What are inductive arguments?

Offer support for truth of conclusion, but don't strictly imply it. Conclusion contains more info than premises. All science appears to depend on induction.