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Happiness is an ongoing process, not a destination

It is dynamic, requires continuing fresh involvement with life
SWB requires purpose, meaning, and goals



Engaging and interesting activities are a major source of our happiness


4 determinants of engaging and interesting activities

1. Flow
- challenge and skill in balance
2. Values
- the activity is viewed as worthwhile by that individual and is related to goals
3. Novelty
4. Heavy on intrinsic motivation


The Flow Model

A balance of challenge and skill

Task is too challenging for person--> anxiety
Task is not stimulating enough --> Boredom

Characteristics of flow activities
- highly involving, challenge and skill balanced, time flies, loss of self-consciousness, merging of action and awareness, highly pleasurable



Activities must be congruent with our values and goals


Goals are necessary for thriving

Victor Frankl- having motivation and goals helped you survive in Nazi concentration camp

Harvard undergrads- having goals led to high achievement and success

Illinois hedonistic undergrads- pleasure seeking vs. goal striving students


Goals striving and types of SWB

Engagement with goals & movement toward goals
- positive affect

Having important goals & success at reaching goals
- life satisfaction

Conflict & ambivalence about one's goals
- negative affect


Goals and desires

The cute puppy problem
Wanting versus liking


Wanting wisely

Desiring the right things
1. beyond flash and stereotypes
2. relevant experience
- crisis line, mental health aid volunteer, working in a mental hospital
3. considering all aspects of the choice
- the good, the bad, and the ugly
4. considering adaptation
- moving beyond current mood
5. considering ongoing activities
- ex. getting that promotion



Appropriate level of novelty
- not exactly the same forever
- not completely different either (would lead to chaos)


Instrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic
- goals of others, imposed by others, are not internal
- extrinsic- wanting to impress others
- intrinsic- this is who I am, what interests me, what I enjoy


Holland's Hexagon - RIASEC

Assesses interests (not aptitudes)
R- realistic- doers
I- investigative- thinkers
A- artistic- creators
S- social- helpers
E- enterprising- persuaders
C- conventional- organizers