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cranial bones

frontal bone, parietal bones, occipital bone, temporal bones, sphenoid bone, ethmoid bone


facial bones

maxilla, palatine bones, zygomatic bones, lacrimal bones, nasal bones, vomer bone, inferior nasal conchae, mandible


frontal bone

supraorbital foramen (or notch): transmits blood vessels and nerves
frontal sinus: two present


parietal bones

sagittal suture: where parietal bones meet
coronal suture: where parietal bones meet frontal bone


occipital bone

lambdoid suture: where parietal bones meet occipital bone
external occipital protuberance: midline projection on posterior surface
foramen magnum: where brainstem and spinal cord meet
occipital condyle: articulates with first cervical vertebra


temporal bones

squamous suture: where the parietal bones meet the temporal bones
external acoustic meatus: opening of outer ear
mandibular fossa: articulates with mandible
mastoid process: attachment site for muscles
styloid process: long, pointed projection
carotid canal: transmits internal carotid artery
jugular foramen: transmits internal jugular vein
internal acoustic meatus: opening for cranial nerves
zygomatic process: forms much of zygomatic arch


sphenoid bone

sella turcica: saddle shaped depression for pituitary gland
greater and lesser wings: lateral extensions
sphenoid sinus- two present


ethmoid bone

cribriform plate: contains many olfactory foramina for olfactory nerves
perpendicular plate: forms most of the nasal septum
superior nasal concha: small extension in nasal cavity
middle nasal concha: medium extensions in the nasal cavity
ethmoidal sinus: many present
crista galli: attachment site for some brain membranes



maxillary sinus: largest sinus
palatine process: forms anterior hard plate
alveolar process: supports the teeth
alveolar arch: forms the alveolar process


palatine bones

l shapes bones


zygomatic bones

temporal process: extension that joins zygomatic process
zygomatic arch: formed by zygomatic and temporal processes
Cheek bone


lacrimal bones

two, thin and scalelike


nasal bones

forms bridge of nose


vomer bone

forms part of nasal septum


inferior nasal concha

two, largest of the conchae



ramus: upward projection
mandibular condyle: articulates with the temporal bones
coronoid process: attachment site for chewing muscles
alveolar process: supports the teeth
mandibular foramen: admits blood vessels and nerves for teeth
mental foramen: passageway for blood vessels and nerves
mental protuberance: chin projection