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PT range:

10-14 sec

warfarin = PT 10-14 sec x 2 = therapeutic


A client has received two units of whole blood today after an episode of gastrointestinal bleeding. Which laboratory report should the nurse be sure to monitor closely?

A: Bleeding time

B: Plts

C: H/H


C: H/H

The post-transfusion hematocrit provides immediate information about red cell replacement and if there is any continued blood loss; the follow-up hematocrit should be checked around 4 to 6 hours after the infusion is completed.


A nurse has administered several blood transfusions over three days to a 12 year-old client with thalassemia. What lab value should the nurse monitor during this therapy?

A: Plt
B: Hgb
C: Reticulocyte

B: Hgb

Children with beta thalassemia major will usually require blood transfusions about every three to four weeks throughout their life. Transfusions help maintain hemoglobin at a high enough concentration to provide oxygen to the body and prevent growth abnormalities and organ damage; therefore, the nurse should monitor hemoglobin following a transfusion. A reticulocyte count is used as a diagnostic tool (to help rule out iron-deficiency anemia). Monitoring platelets would be indicated following transfusion of platelets.