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Multiple myeloma S/S and priority care

Multiple myeloma S/S: hypercalcemia, renal failure, anemia, bone damage (causes erosion of bone mass/fxs)

Priority in positioning d/t risk of Fxs


What is Wilm's tumor?

Wilm's tumor is a malignant tumor of the kidney that can lead to kidney dysf(x). If there's low UO, needs immediate intervention. Increasing abd girth is a common finding.


A nurse is caring for a client who is diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease and is scheduled for radiation therapy. The nurse recognizes that, as a result of the radiation therapy, the client is most likely to experience which difficulty?

A: Nausea
B: High fever
C: Night sweats
D: Face and neck edema

A: Nausea

As a result of radiation therapy, which is at the lymph nodes throughout the body, nausea often results. Night sweats are a finding in this disease process. These clients are not likely to have a high fever because the lymphatic or immune system is not fully functional.