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three cartilages of trachea from superior to inferior

-thyroid cartilage
-arytenoid cartilage posterior to thyoid cart.
-cricoid cartilage


vestibular folds are also named ___ they are above ___

false vocal cords; above the true vocal cords


there is a pocket between the true and false vocal cords. what is it called? what is in there?

ventricle which turns into the saccule. there are some mucosal glands in there to keep your vocal cords from getting dry


opening between the true vocal cords

rima glottidis


if you want to do an emergency airway, where could you put it

if emergency, median cricothyroid ligament
if planned, between 2nd and 3rd tracheal rings. (Tracheostomy)


thick part of cricoid is called?

lamina. it has a ridge and depressions for muscles


cricothyroid muscle does what to the thyroid cartilage? if you damage it, what is the result

it tilts the cartilage forward to help stretch vocal cords for intonation of voice. damage results in monotony. im pretty sure i had a math teacher with this


if you make an L with your fingers, which part is the vocal process?

index fingers. point your fingers outward and they are the muscular processes


which part (ant/post) of the epiglottic cartilage is inferior? which part is attached to the thyroid cartilage

anterior edge is lower than the posterior edge. the anterior edge is also attached to the thyroid cartilage


what is the ONLY muscle that aBBBducts the vocal cords

posterior cricoarytenoid. all the other muscles close the vocal cord to protect the airway


which muscle acts more to close the aryepiglottis/vestibular process

the aryepiglottic muscle. yess!!! easy thing to rememborize!!!


cricothyroid muscle attaches to ____ surface of thyroid cart.



when you eat food what happens to epiglottis

it folds down posteriorly so that food passes LATERALLY into the esophagus


places for vagus injury (4)

superior ganglion (skull base tumor)
sup. laryngeal n (carotid surgery)
inf. laryngeal n. (thyroid surgery)
recurrent laryngeal n. (aortic aneurism/bronchial carcinoma)


example of someone with a vocal sound that is not normal



example of some people with vocal nodules?

adele, john mayer, kieth urban