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What is the area that air will pass through int eh larynx that will cause the vocal folds to vibrate, resulting in phonation?

Rima Glottidis


What determines the size and shape of the rima glottidids?

Movement of the Arytenoid Cartilages


When is the rima glottidis wide?

During Insperation


What is the general shape of the rima glottidis during expiration and phonaton?

Narrow and Wedged shaped


what determines the pitch of the sound produced during phonation?

The degree of tension on the vocal folds


When increasing the pitch of the voice, what muscle will contract to increase the tension on the vocal folds?

Cricothyroid Muscle


To lower the pitch of the voice, what muscle(s) will contract to lessen the tension of the vocal folds?

1) Thyroarytenoid
2) Vocalis


T/F: the overall tone/pitch/sound of the voice is determined by the length of the vocal folds, and thickness of the vocal cord only.


It is controlled by:
1) Length of the vocal cords
2) Size of the Resonating chamber
3) Thickness of the vocal cords


What is contained within the vocal cords that will cause them to increase in size in males?

Androgen receptors


What is it called when comparing the male and female voices?

Vocal Dimorphism