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Attributes of Zeus

- anthropomorphic and human characteristics
- lightning
- royal staff
- eagle (Zeus: a sky god)
- older, bearded - sign of maturity/wisdom


Domain of Zeus

- Sky/weather --> Zeus = "bright daylight"
- Justice - guardian of rulers/kings
- Hospitality/ treatment of strangers
- The Supreme God --> "father of gods and men"


Who was Zeus' first lover? And who were their children?

Metis ("wisdom") --> Athena and "a son with an arrogant heart"


What was Gaia/Ouranos prophecy? What did Zeus do to avoid that?

Prophecy - powerful children will be born from Metis
- Zeus swallows Metis before she give birth to Athena


How is Athena born?

from Zeus' head and is fully armed


Zeus also hooks up with who? Who are their children?

Themis (a titan)
- Eunomia "lawfulness"
- Dike "justice"
- Eirene "peace"


Who are the parents of the Fates? And what are the names of the fates?

Zeus and Themis
- Clotho - "spinner"
- Lachesis "measurer"
- Atropos "uncompromising"


Who are the parents of the Muses?

Zeus and Mnemosyne (a titan)
- mnemosyne: "memory"


What are the Muses?

inspirers of poets and artists


Review: Zeus is associated with...

- Wisdom (ingested Metis)
- Law, justice, and order (Themis and her children)
- Fate (father of Moirai, "the fates")
- The arts and inspiration (father of the Muses)