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Zeus also marries who and has how many kids with her?

- Hebe (goddess of youth)
- Eileithyia (goddess of childbirth)
- Hephaistos (blacksmith god)
- Ares (god of war)


Who does Lapetos marry? What children did they have?

Clymene - Atlas, Menoitios, Prometheus, Epimetheus


What does Zeus do to Monoitios? Why?

blasts him because he was foolish and violent


What does Zeus force Atlas to do?

hold up the sky at earth's limit


Attributes of Prometheus...

- creator of mankind
- defender/champion of mankind
- a trickster figure = relies on cleverness rather than strength


To save man kind, what does Prometheus "negotiate" with Zeus?

sacrifice an ox and makes Zeus choose which part of the ox he wants as sacrifice:
- bones wrapped in glistening fat OR
- flesh wrapped in intestines
Zeus chooses bones in fat


What does Prometheus do that makes Zeus angry?

brings fire to mankind and when zeus takes it back... Prometheus steals it


What does Zeus do to Prometheus as punishment?

orders Hephaistos to chain Prometheus to Mt.Caucasus and orders an eagle to devour his liver every day (can't kill gods, liver grows back everyday)


What is Prometheus' secret?

knows the fate of a sea-goddess named Thetis - will bear a son more powerful than his father


What does Prometheus do with his secret?

Bargains for release from Zeus --> Zeus sends Heracles to free him