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What is global health?

In its broadest sense, global health is about making the world a healthier place


What are the origins of global health?

- has its origins in colonial medicine, then missionary medicine, tropical medicine, and international health
-it is a reaction to the imperialistic "international health" practices


What are 6 things needed to make global health work?

1. Recognition of shared interests
2. Disease and risks transcend borders
3. Global cooperation, e.g. SDGs, outbreaks
4. Interdisciplinary engagement
5. Focus on resource constrained populations
6. Strengthened health systems
7. Improved access and coverage


What is the Equity checklist (9 items)

1. Collaboration
2. Commitment to an active practice, reflection and dialogue (thinking about what we are doing)
3. Critical assessment of what has been done in the past
4. Humility (beleifs, values, assumptions)
5. Attunement to power and contexts implicit in inequity (we have power over other countries)
6. Knowledge stewardship (share knowledge)
7. Ethics
8. Reciprocity
9. Inclusivity (get everybody involved)


Roughly how many women die every day from complications of pregnancy and childbirth?



How many children under the age of 5 die every year?

Just under 6 million


What is is the leading under-five killer worldwide?

preterm birth


What is the leading cause of disability worldwide?

Mental health disorders


How many people die from road traffic injuries every day?

Nearly 3500 people


How much has child mortality decreased in the past few years?



What is the GHEC/CUGH definition of global health?

“In contrast with international health, the goals of global health are to foster social development to achieve optimal health by highlighting the socioeconomic, environmental and cultural factors of the causes of different diseases that transcend national borders, class, race, ethnicity and cultural divisions.”


What is the "Towards a common definition of global health (Koplan et al, Lancet, 2009)" definition of global health?

“…the area of study, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide.”


What is the R. Horton (Lancet) definition of global health?

“Global health is an attitude. It is a way of looking at the world. It is a statement about our commitment to health as a fundamental quality of liberty and equality”


What is PAHO and when was it established?

Pan American Health Organization, 1905


What is the WHO and when was it established?

World Health Organization, 1946


What is HFA and when was it established?

Health for all, 2000


What are the millennium development goals?

8 goals set in 2000 by the united nations


What are the sustainable development goals?

Millennium development goals were updated in 2015

On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders committed to 17 Global Goals.


What are the health effects of climate change? (9)

Increases in mortality and morbidity as a result of:
1) heat events and related occupational health risks
2) increased social and mental stress
3) increased exposure to chemical and
4) biological contaminants
5) bacteria, viruses and other pathogens carried by mosquitoes, ticks and animals
6) increased exposure to ultraviolet rays
7) increased demands on health systems
8) disruptive social networks
9) loss of shelter and essential infrastructures.


what % of mortality can be attributed to climate change?



How many TB deaths in 2014?

1.5 million


How many AIDS deaths in 2015?

1.1 Million


How many new adult HIV infections in 2015

2.1 Million


How many infected with roundworm in 2013?

807-1,121 MILLION


What is the know do gap?

It's the gap between what we know (what, who, how) and actual practice (which does not always reflect available knowledge)

Health Systems, Social Determinants serve as facilitators or barriers to closing the know do gap.


What is needed for strengthening Health Systems?

A constellation of actors and organizations whose primary purpose is to promote, maintain or restore health
An interconnected rules and policies that define roles, responsibilities and accountability
Committed funding and health manpower

(not sure I fully understand, maybe remove)


What are the 3 components of Health Systems?

1. Elements
2. Modifiers
3. Outcomes


What are Health System Elements? (6)

1. Human Resources
2. Financing
3. Technologies
4. Service Delivery
5. Governance/Leadership
6. Information Systems


What are Health System Modifiers? (5)

1. Security (including war)
2. Facilities
3. Policies
4. Intuitions
5. Money


What are Health System Outcomes? (3)

1. Health
2. Equity
3. Efficiency