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What are the historical origins of global health?

1. Missionary medicine
2. Humanitarian medicine
3. Tropical medicine
4. International health


Describe 'short term experiences'

1. Opportunities in response to interest
2. 2-4week trips
3. Many “providers” and sometimes hard to distinguish the good from the bad
4. Can be falsely viewed as little harm
5. Usually focused on the education and training of the participant including: exposure to diseases uncommon in HIC settings, and increased clinical/research acumen


What are some of the issues with short term global health experiences? (4)

1. Suboptimal use of time and resources 2.Harm the host community/individuals 3.Create dependencies
4. Perpetuate global health inequities


What do we need to change the focus of student placements to?

Change from focusing on trainees experience to effectively addressing the agenda of host communities


What are the guidelines that should be considered to guide the ethical development of short term global health experiences?

1. skills building in cross-cultural effectiveness and cultural humility
2. bidirectional participatory relationships
3. local capacity building
4. long-term sustainability


What are characteristics that learners/students should possess for completing short term global health experiences?

1. Recognition that the underlying principle of any is that participation is a privilege, not a right
2. Humility
3. Ability to recognize and value local partners’ knowledge
and advice over preconceptions
4. Willing to be an engaged observer
5. Excellent communicator
6. Recognition of student status -- learning opportunities to match abilities and degree of independence at home (or less due to language, standards of care, treatment algorithms)