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Which part of the Nt equation is dispersal about?

-I and E
-immigration and emigration


When will be dispersal important?

-especially need to account for it
--when species are invading a new area
--when a population is threatened
--when on the edge of a population


How do we measure I an E?

-pitfall traps
-sticky traps
-suction traps
-collect marked individuals
-electronic tagging


What are the methods of dispersal for animals?

-active: fly, walk, swing
-passive: currents, floods, stick to other animals etc.


What are the methods for dispersal for plants?

-gravity, explosive wind, water, animals(via gut, stuck to outside, or deliberately moved machinery (inside or outside))


What is a dispersal syndrome?

-set of traits (of the animal/plant) indicating what vector we think it evolved to be dispersed by


What are dispersal vectors/agents?

-the thing (organism/physical) force that causes dispersal


What does stratified dispersal mean?

-discontinuous long-distance dispersal usually occurs in combination with short-distance continuous dispersal
and combination of these long- and short-distance dispersal mechanisms is stratified dispersal
e.g. fruit on the ground eaten by an animal and dispersed via feces a distance away
-wind blows seeds into water and go down river