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What three measures of fitness do environmental conditions affect?

-growth rates (and development)
-reproduction (production of young or fertile eggs)


How do endotherms deal with temperature?

-regulate body temperature through producing heat within their bodies


How do ectotherms deal with temperature?

-rely on external sources of heat, hence growth rates are often temperature dependent


Can actual temperature be different from average air temperature?



Hummingbirds and flower mites interaction?

-mites feed on nectar and travel in hummingbird nares to the next one= microclimate in the flower (different temperature to the surrounding air)


Why is specific heat of water important?

=takes 5x more heat to raise it by 1 C as it does the same mass of soil
=more stable temperature, good for life


How does water temperature affect the oxygen availability?

-high temp= lower O2 available
-low temp= more O2 temp


What causes death at high or low temperature?

-high= enzyme inactivation
-low= ice crystal formation


What are lethal and sub-lethal conditions?

lethal= limits where an organism can live in nature
more often limited by sub lethal conditions(that reduce fitness-growth, reproductive success)


What is forensic entomology?

-determining the length of time an animal has been dead by the number, sizes and development stages of insects
-need to know temperature as it is related to growth rate and development from one stage to the next as well
-development time is shorter in hotter temp
-cold temp= slower development
but temp x day= same value