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What is an important factor for sessile organisms in the environment?



What resources do plants use? Are all the same?

-light , CO2, H2O,O2, mineral micronutrients (N, P,K,S,Ca,Mg.Fe) and trace elements


What does C3, C4, CAM refer to in plants?

-type of photosynthesis
C4-water efficient as CO2 used more efficiently -so good for warm climate
-CAM highly water efficient as fix CO2 at night and keep stomata close during the day


What limits photosynthesis?

-availability of other resources like H20


Why do some plants resort to being carnivorous?

-low nutrient availability


What are the 3 main types of consumption of food resources?

-decomposition(bacteria, fungi, detrivorous animals)
-prasitism(consumer that does not kill its food organism)
-predation (the food organism or part of it is eaten and killed


How do generalists and specialists differ ein terms of food?

generalists= wide variety of food
specialist= narrow variety (may limit where it can live)


What are essential and substitutable resources?

essential- can't substitute
substitutable- can substitute