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What are the four processes that affect species distribution (climate...)?

-movement of land masses
-effects of islands
-climate change
-modern human impacts


How did movement of land masses affect species distribution?

-separated animals but can explain some distribution due to the break up of Gondwana


How does the number and appearance of species differ on islands vs mainland?

-islands have fewer species than the nearest mainland
-species are often different
-dispersal ability is key to explaining island biotas
-species with wide dispersal= on islands


What is convergent evolution observed on continents?

-species that look and behave similarly but are not closely related


What is parallel evolution observed on continents?

-similarity of form among related groups


Give an example of convergent evolution.

-wing of a bat and a bird


Give an example of parallel evolution.

-marsupials and placentals= similar thing despite separation


Can niches explain modern day distribution of species?

-yes, information on species' niches couple with documented changes from the past can explain much of modern day distributions especially over large scales.


Do habitable places contain all the species that could live there?