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What is the mechanism behind why nitrites act as a preservative in food products like bacon?

See slide 6; remember how nitrites react with Fe, and how this is significant both for preserving color and inactivating microorganisms.


What is the Code of Federal Regulations?

See the pre-class story from this lecture for a description.


How does the Code of Federal Regulations define a low acid food, and an acidic food?

See slide 4; I would recommend that you know the table on this slide.


Why are nitrates/nitrites more effective at killing microorganisms in acidic foods?

See slide 6 for a full description (has to do with the pKa)


What are two functions of ascorbate/isoascorbate in foods supplemented with nitrites?

1) favors the reduced form; 2) limits production of nitrosamines.


The most common food ingredient added, that allows food manufacturers to label "no nitrate/nitrite added", while actually increasing the level of these compounds, is _______

Celery salt


What is the mechanism of killing of sulfites?

Targets membranes, protein synthesis, DNA....is a general inhibitor


What enzyme do sulfites inhibit that reduces browning in fruits?

polyphenol oxidase