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How is the serotyping for Salmonella different from that of E.coli, specifically with the H antigen

See serotyping slide of powerpoint.


Name the top 3 disease causing serovars of Salmonella.

Typhimurium, Enteriditis, Newport


What is the infectious dose for Salmonella?

10^5-10^7 cells generally; although note that some cases of illness, such as the chocolate outbreak we discussed, likely resulted from much lower doses.


What 2 serotypes of Salmonella have human reserviors?

Typhi and Paratyphi


What policy on testing did the Peanut Corporation of America have that got them into trouble with the FDA?

A "test until negative" policy, where if a sample showed up positive for bacteria they would send out over and over again until it showed up negative. Then they would sell the product.


What is the most distinguishing characteristic of Salmonella ser. Senftenberg?

It is extremely heat tolerant compared to other Salmonella.


How does water activity affect the heat tolerance of Salmonella (as well as other pathogens?)

See slide 8 for discussion of this


What is the PEQAP program, and specifically what is it trying to detect?

See slide 14 for discussion of the PEQAP program?


What "groups" can Salmonella be divided up into? How are these categorized?

See slide 6 for group A-G discussion; do you remember what is so particularly important about group D Salmonella?


What causes the 1994 Schwan's ice cream outbreak, and the 1985 Jewel pasteurized milk outbreak?

Revisit slide 19 for this discussion.