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What serotypes of Yersinia are most common among human isolates?

O:3, O:9, and O:5,27


What is meant by "biotyping"

See slide 4, with "biotyping" header


What is notable about the growth temperatures of Y. enterocolitica?

it is a psychrotroph, capable of growing at refrigeration temperatures


What foods are most commonly contaminated by Y. enterocolitica

See slide 6-7 for the answer, but remember pork and pork products are rather common.


What is unusual about the disease caused by Y. enterocolitica?

It can resemble appendicitis


When is Yersinia mobile?

When the temperature is below 30 C


Why do some health professionals mistake a Yersinia infection for appendicitis?

It has very similar symptoms, causing swelling of the lymph nodes, and since Yersina infections are so uncommon health professionals usually think it's appendicitis.