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What makes up the pelvic girdle?

  • 2 os coxae bones
  • sacrum
  • coccyx


What does the boney pelvis do?


Connect the vertebral colum and the femus


What are the parts of the illium? including what attatches to each part


  1. Illiac crest: tensor fasca lata
  2. illiac fossa : illiopsosas
  3. ASIS: sartorius, rectus femoris, tensor fasca lata
  4. Anterior inferior iliac spine
  5. Greater sciatic notch
  6. Posterior inferior illiac spine
  7. Posterior superior illiac spine
  8. Arcuate line of ilium

lateral side: gluteus medus and minimus


What are the parts of the acetabelem

  1. Acetabular rim
  2. acetabular fossa
    1. lunate


What are the parts of the pubis including any attachments

  1. Pubis: adductor longus, adductor brevis
  2. sympophyseal surface
  3. inferior pubic ramus: adductor brevis
  4. pubic pubercle
  5. superior pubis ramus
  6. Pectine line of pubis: Pectineus


What are the parts of the ischium including attachments


  1. Ischial ramus
  2. Ischial tuberosity
    1. orgins:
      • semitendinosus,
      • semimembronosus,
      • longhead biceps brachii
      • adductor magnus (hamstring part)
      • Inferior gemellus
    2. insertion: sacrotuberous ligament
  3. ischial spine: ins: sacrospinus ligament
    • orgin: superior gemellus
  4. Iscial Ramus
  5. Lesser Ischial notch


What are the parts of the sacrum and what attaches to it?


  • Sacral promotory
  • ala
  • anterial sacaral foramen
  • sacaral canal
  • lateral sacral crest
  • sacral hiatus
  • sacral corura
  • posterior sacral foramen
  • mendian sacral crest
  • superior articular process
  • articular surface
  • Sacrospinus/tuberous ligaments
  • gluteus maximus


What are teh parts of the coccyx and what attaches to it?


  • coccygeal cornua
  • transcerse process
  • sacrospinous/tuberous ligaments
  • gluteus maximus


What kind of joint is the pubis symphsis?

what are the ligaments?


  1. 2 degree cartlidagenous joint
  2. superior and inferor pubic


What are the joints of the pelivis?

  • Sacroiliac
  • sacrococcygeal
  • pubic symphysis
  • lumbosacral joint (L5-S1)


  1. What are the articulations of the lumbosacral joint?
  2. What are the ligaments?

  1. intervertebral disc--> 2 sygapophysial facets
  2. iliolumbar
  3. lumbosacral
  4. anterior longitudinal ligament


What are the ligaments of the sacroiliac joint?


Anterior side

  • anterior sacroliliac ligaments
  • sactosuberous ligaments
  • sacrospinous ligaments

posterior side

  • posterior sacroiliac ligaments
  • sacrospinous
  • sacrotuberous
  • interoussus sacroiliac ligaments


What are the difference beteween the sacrospinous and sacroutuberous ligametns?


Sacrospinous--> greater sciatic foramen

sacrotuberous--> lesser sciatic foramen


What is the difference between girls and guys pelivs:

  1. false pelvis
  2. pelvic inlet
  3. pelvic outlet
  4. ischial tubrousities
  5. pelvic cavity
  6. sacrum
  7. subpubic angle

girls first then boys

  1. wide and shallow/ narrow and deep
  2. oval/ heart shape
  3. roomy and round/ narrow oblong
  4. evertes/ inverted
  5. roomy and shallow/ narrow and deep
  6. shot, wide, fat/ long, narrow, convex
  7. 90-100 degrees/ 70 degrees


how is the bony pelvis orienteate?


angled inferior in the anterior plane

asis is anterior insead of superor


What does our bony pelvis do?


  • bear weight of upper bodu
  • transfer weight b/t axial and lower appendicular
  • contain/ protect pelvic viscera
  • attachmetn site for pelvic floor muscles and external genitalia and muscles for locomotion


What is the pelvis


bony sturcture conencting teh lower extremities tot eh rest of the body


What is the pelvic cavity?


area connecting teh abdomial cavity to the perineum


What is in teh pelvic cavity?


pelvic viscera

parts of urinary and gi systems

reproductive system parts


How do the false and true pelvis differ?

Pelvic brim sperates them

FALSE PELVIS: above pelvic brim, inferior border: pelvic inlit

TRUE PELVIS: below pelvic brim inferior pelvic appature closed by pelvic diagphragm muscles.  has pelvic viscera


What do the uretrers do?


bring urine from kidney--> bladder



What is the blood supply to the ureters?



renal arteris

gonadal arterise

iliac arteries


What are the areas of narrowing in the ureters?


  1. ureteropelvic junction
  2. pelvic brim
  3. uterovesical junction


  1. Where does the bladder sit?
  2. What muscle is it made of?'
  3. What does it do with pee?
  4. what is the difference in uretres and urethra?
  5. does it move depeneing on how full it is?


  1. behind the pubis
  2. detrusor muscle
  3. holds it until micturation
  4. ureteres fill--> urethrea empties
  5. can go all the way to umbilicus.


Bladder differences in girls and boys

  1. Where does it sit?
  2. what bounds it posteriorly?
  3. what is attached to posterior inferor wall?


  1. G: behind pubis, anterior to uterus, atop Ug diagphragm      B: behind pubis, anterior to rectus, atop prostate aka atop UG diagphragm,
  2. G: utrervesical pouch B: rectovesical puch
  3. seminal vesicals (in boys)


Difference in boy and girl urethras:



boys: 4 parts:

pre-prostatic--> prostatic--> membroneous (in ug diagphragm)--> spongyu (in corpus spongiosum)

Girls: short: urethrorfic in bladder--> vestuble of vagina (in perineum)--> external urethral orfice


What makes up the trigone region?


two uretreal ofrices and the


What are the parts fo the gastro intestial tract?



  1. rectum: rectosigmoid juntcio (s3 vertabre) --> at pelvic diagphragm --> rectal ampulla disgtal part rests on pelvis diagphragm supports and holds poop--> becomes anal canal throught pelvic diagphragm-->sphinctors voluntary and involuntary (internal

voluntary(external) has superfical, deep and subcutaneous parts

anus sexits anal canal in perineum


What is the portion of the levator ani tha tkins anorectal junction and helps with fecal contence?




What are the internal reproductive organs?



seminal vesicles


ejaculatory duct

vas deferens


uterus with cervix


fallopian tubes



What are the supportive structures for female reproductive system?>


  • round ligametn of uterus
  • mesosalpinx
  • mesovarium
  • roung ligament of ovary
  • mesometrium
  • uterosacarl ligament


What are and wehre are the seminal vesicles?


posterior bladder wall

meet with vas deferens and become teh ejaculatory duct


What is the patway for sperm


testes--> up vas deferns--> ampula of vas deferns--> meet up with semical vescilee--> become ejaculatory duct--> drain into prostatic urethra with prostatic secretions--> go through membronous--> spongy--> out penis


What are the brancehs of the interinal iliac artery anterior division?


  1. umbilicus--> supeior vesicl
  2. obutrator
  3. inferior vesicle/ vaginal
  4. middle rectal
  5. deferntial/ uterine
  6. internial peduncle
  7. inferior gluteal


What are the posterior branches of the internal illiac artery?


all somatic

  1. illio lumbar
  2. lateral sacral
  3. superior gluteal exits bt LS trunk and S1