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What are the walls of the pelvic cavity and what does each one contain?

Lateral wall (1)

  • "hip bones"
  • Obturator m, n, a, v

Anterior walls (2)

  • pubic bones and pubic symphasis

Posterior wall (3)

  • sacrum and coccyx
  • sacroiliac joints
  • sacrial plexus
  • periform plexus

Floor (4)

  • pelvic diaphragm 

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Obturator internus 

  • Medial surface of obturator membrane--> leave true pelvis through the lesser sciatic foramen --> (turn 90 degrees) freater trochanter of femur
  • nerve to obturator internus (L5-S2)
  • lateral/ external rotation of hip


**in lateral wall of the pelvis**

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  • leaves the pelivs through the greater sciatic formen--> insert on femur
  • S1-S2
  • external/ lateral rotation of the hip


bed for the nerves of the sacral plexus


posterial pelvic wall

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  1. What does the pelvic floor do?
  2. What does it include on the bottom?
    1. what makes this up?

  1. sling that supports the abdominopelivic viscera. and it resist in intra-abdomincal pressure
  2. Pelvic diaphragm
    1. Levator ani muscles (green)
      1. puborectalis
      2. pubococcygeus
      3. iliococcygeus 
    2. coccygeus aka ischiococcygeus (Red)

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What structers enter/ leave the pelvis at these levels?

  1. Above the piriformis
  2. Below the piriformis
  3. Greater sciatic foramen
  4. Lesser foramen

  1. Above: superior gluteal n & a
  2. Below: 
    1. ​inferior gluteal n & a
    2. sciatic nerve
    3. Pudendal n
    4. internal pudendal artery
  3. Out Greater sciatic foramen 
    1. obturator muscle tendon 
    2. pudendal veins
  4. Back in lesser sciatic foramen 
    1. pudendal n
    2. interal pudendal a

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  1. What does the urogenital diaphragm contain?
  2. Where is it?
  3. What does it do?

  1. nerves, arterise, and glands for the external genitailia 
  2. below the inferor border on teh pelvic diagphrams muscles 
  3. seperates perineum into superfical and deep pouches. 

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What is the the fascia around the testie?

Tunica albuginea


What seperates the urogential triangle into the superfical and deep pouches?

Perineal membrane

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What are the contents of the superficial perineal space

  • Bulbospongious muscles
  • ischiocavernous muscles 
  • Perineal membrane 
  • Pelvic diapgragh (levator ani muscles) 
    • inferior surface of the pelvic diaphragm
  • Superficial transverse pernieal muscle
  • Colle's fascia (superficial perineal fascia) 
  • suspensory ligament of clitoris/ penis 
  • external anal sphincter



Finish this after more studying!

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What are the contents of the Deep perineal pouch?

  • sphincter urethra m
  • sphincter urethrovaginalis 

  • deep transverse perineal muscles 

  • compressor urethrae

  • opening for vagin

  • ​opening for urethra

bold= only in females


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What is in the superficial perineal pouch in males?

  • 2 corpora cavernosm
  • corpus spongiosum
  • ischiocavermosus muscles
  • Bulbospongiosus m.
  • perineal membrane
  • crus of penis
  • bulb


What are the contents of the deep male perineal pouch?

  • perineal membrane
  • cowpers glands
  • external urethral spincter
  • deep transverse perineal m. 

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