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What is the difference between the positioning of grey matter in the brain vs spinal cord?

Spinal cord: gray matter centrally located
Brain: gray matter in cortices built on top of white matter


Classical definition of a cortex

Consists of multiple layers of gray matter and is built from the inside out


What is the role of radial glial cells in building a cortex?

Migrating bipolar neurons uses long process of radial glial cell as a guiding mechanism to reach surface where they can begin to layer the cortex


What nervous tracts does the basal plate give rise to?

Motor tracts


What nervous tracts does the alar plate give rise to?

Sensory tracts


Name the major derivatives of the metencephalon

Pons, Cerebellum


What induces the rhombic lips?

Interaction between roof plate and neural tube via BMP signaling


What are the superior cerebellar peduncles?

Massive fiber bundles b/w cerebellum and mesencephalon


What are the major derivatives of the mesencephalon?

Tectum, superior and inferior colliculi


What is the function of Otx-2 in relation to Shh?

Confines Shh to basal part of midbrain


Where do cerebral peduncles form, what is their function?

Ventrolateral region of mesencephalon; carry fibers b/w hemispheres and spinal cord


What are the major derivatives of the diencephalon?

Epithalamus, thalamus, hypothalamus


Whatis the Arnold-Chiari malformation and how does it relate to hydrocephalus?

Cerebellum herniates into foramen magnum, preventing escape of CSF from skull - leads to hydrocephalus



Blatant closure defect of spinal cord


What substance, when elevated in amniotic fluid, is diagnostic of closure defects?



List closure defects from least to most serious

Spina bifida occulta, spina bifdia meningocele, spina bifida myelomeningocele, rachischisis, cranioschisis


What molecule produced by the notochord is responsible for inducing the floor plate of the neural tube?

A. Hoxa-5
B. Retinoic acid
C. Pax-3
D. Msx-1
E. Shh

E. Shh


The cell bodies of motor neurons of spinal nerves arise from the:

A. basal plate
B. marginal zone
C. floor plate
D. roof plate
E. alar plate

A. basal plate


An infant with a tuft of hair over the lumbar region of the vertebral column undergoes surgery for a congenital anomaly in that region. During surgery, it was found that the dura and arachnoid layers over the spinal cord were complete, but that the neural arches of several vertebrae were missing. What condition did the infant have?

A. Meningocele
B. Myelomeningocele
C. Encephalocele
D. Spina bifida occulta
E. Rachischisis

D. Spina bifida occulta


Growth cones adhere strongly to a substrate containing:

A. Ach
B. Laminin
C. Epinephrine
D. Norepinephrine
E. Shh

B. Laminin


Complete failure of the neural tube to close in the region of the spinal cord is:

A. SB occulta
B. Meningocele
C. Cranioschisis
D. Rachischisis
E. Myelomeningocele

D. Rachischisis


Rhombomeres are segmental divisions of the:

A. Forebrain
B. Midbrain
C. Hindbrain
D. Spinal cord
E. None of the above

C. Hindbrain


Rathke's pouch arises from:

A. Diencephalon
B. Stomodeal ectoderm
C. Mesencephalon
D. Pharyngeal endoderm
E. Infundibulum

B. Stomodeal ectoderm