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What was the Hittite covenantal form from the late 2nd millennium BC?

Title, Historical Prologue, Stipulations, Witnesses, Curses, Blessings


What was the Mosaic covenantal form found in Deuteronomy?

Title, Historical Prologue, Stipulations, Blessings, Curses


What is the significance of the similarity between the Mosaic and late Hittite covenantal forms?

Provides evidence for the dating/timing of the 10 Commandments/Mosaic Covenant


In oath signs of ANE, one of two things is depicted. What are they?

1.) Commitment of the covenant
2.) Curse of the covenant


What is one of the two keys to interpreting the Covenant-Ratifying Ceremony in Genesis 15?

Jeremiah 34


What are the 11 lines of evidence for an eternal view of the afterlife in the bible, esp. in Genesis?

1.) The tree of life (Gen 3:22)
2.) Enoch (still exists but no longer here)
3.) Extraordinary longevities and prolonged fertility only in the line of promise (God can overcome death)
4.) "Gathered to his people" (Gen 35:29; 49:29-50:2)
5.) Similar expressions like 'to go to his fathers' (Gen 15:15; Judges 2:10)
6.) Blotting out the Lord's Book
7.) Embalming and interment in the Promised Land
8.) God as the Lord of life
9.) Threat of punishment in the afterlife
10.) Other OT texts re. the afterlife (Ps. 17:14-15; 49:1-14)
11.) Sheol (66x)


What is the interrelationship between Genesis 12, 15, and 17, according to Hugenberger?

1. Blessing promised in Gen 12

2. Curse Threatened in Gen 17

3. God's oath in Gen 15 guarantees that He will take the curse on Himself to secure the promised blessing

Note: "Only way to reconcile the chapters."