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What are 7 ways in which Abraham is as the 2nd Adam?

1.) God blessed him (Gen 12:2; 22:17-18)
2.) "Be fruitful and multiply"
3.) Royal Progeny and dominion
4.) Living in paradise land/kingdom of God
5.) Tempted to gain blessing through the path of disobedience (Adam & Eve, Sarah & Hagar)
6.) Progenitor of a vast multitude
7.) God in a covenant of works - God's naming


What 5 points suggest the doctrine of "patriarchal merit" in the OT, according to what passages, and why?

1.) Blessing to avoid collateral damage: Gen 18:24-26 (Sodom, 10 righteous, etc.)
2.) Blessing to honor the intercession of a patriarch: Gen 19:29 (...remembered Abraham...)
3.) Blessing to honor the covenant promises to the Patriarchs: Ex 2:24 (rescued Israel out of Egypt because he promised Abe, Isaac, & Jake); Ex 32; 2 Kgs 13:23; Psalm 105:42
4.) Future material blessings base on Abraham's obedience or substantial righteousness: Gen 22:15-18 (managing to finally getting to the land based on Abe's obedience)
5.) Future material blessings based on David's obedience or substantial righteousness: 1 Kgs 11:34 (David's righteousness imputed to descendants); 2 Kgs 8:19
NOTE(/why): doctrine is there as necessary preparation for what will be said later of David's son.


When are the predictions of Genesis 49 fulfilled?

Hugenberger: "In this life, you will bow down to Joseph, in the next, to Judah."