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what is mind reading ?

Our personal understanding of what other people are thinking and feeling.


what does mind reading allow us to do ?

allows us to explain observable events by inferring unobservable entities


whats the argument in regards to the theory of mind?

acquire rules and principles vs. use own imagination to simulate other’s mind


what did meltzoff want to do ?

Wanted to see if toddlers could understand what a person was trying to do even if they dint manage to do it


what happened during meltzoffs study?

Toddlers watched adult put beads into a jar. one condition the adult missed. control saw adult put them in. Both conditions child placed beads into the jar.


at what age do children begin to explain others behaviour in terms of their beliefs?



At what age does a child understand other minds/what another person believes?

age 4-5


Describe the responses that a 3-, 4- and 5-year-old will give to the crayon experiment.

3 - what they thought
4- the correct thing
5- correct thing


What do children who pass the false belief test understand?

that not everyone has the same knowledge as them


Meta-analysis on over 100 studies using the standard, verbal tests showed:

younger than 3½ years: below chance (choose incorrect)
3½-4 years: at chance
older than 4 years: above chance (choose correct)


people with autism lack a ......

theory of mind


whats the sally Anne scenario?

sally ha basket, puts marble in basket, sally leaves. Anne has a box takes marble form basket places it into the box. Sally comes back, where does she think the marble is?