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What is genealogy

A list of a person's ancestors


Who does Matthew begin his genealogy with and why?

Abraham because his goal was to prove to the Jews that the messiah would be Jesus.


Why would Matthew include Uriah in the genealogy

It shows that Jesus was willing to be identified with sinful humanity


It was not the custom to include women in genealogy, which 5 women are included

Rehab, Ruth, Tamar, Bathsheba & Mary


What can we learn from their inclusion

All of them were Gentiles = Christ came for all

3 of them were guilty of sexual sins = Christ came to save sinners


Read Jeremiah 23:5 & 22:24-30. What two things do we know about the two men described in the passages

*none of Jeconiah's decendants will rule of David's throne

*That a king will come from David's line


How could Jeconiah be included in Jesus' lineage then?

If Jesus was Joseph's son, he could not be King. but Jesus is God's son.


Why does the passage in Matthew stress the 3 sections of 14 generations?

14 is a multiple of 7. It represents completeness.


What does John 1:1-5 tell us about the Word?

*It was there in the beginning
*It was with God
*It was God
*Through him all things were made
*In him was life
*The light in darkness


How do Verses 6-9 help identify who the Word was?

John the Baptist, and he was sent by God to identify the Word


What can we learn about Christ from John 1:10-18

a) the world didn't recognize him
b) he came to his home, but they rejected him
c) he gave people the right to be children of God
d) the Word took on flesh and lived with us
e) he brought us grace and truth


Who is in your spiritual genealogy?

My parents, Mrs. Wijnhamer, my church


What information does Luke provide about the parents of John the Baptist

Zechariah - priest, old, righteous or godly people
Elizabeth - she is barren, old righteous or godly people


What important message does Zechariah receive while working in the temple

His wife would bear him a son


What was Zechariah told about his soon-to-be-born son?

he was supposed to be named John. Full of the Holy Spirit, no wine. He will be a joy. He will bring others back to God. He will prepare the people for Jesus


Who was the angel?



What happened to Zechariah since he doubted the message from the Angel?

He was unable to speak until his son was born


To whom does the same angel deliver a similar message to 6 months later?



What happened when Mary visited elizabeth

the baby lept, and Elizabeth was filled with H.S. She blessed Mary and knew she was going to have Jesus.


Why does Luke record a song after that occasion

Confirmation of what Gabriel had told her and joy for God


What happened as Elizabeth and Zechariah named their baby

They agreed on the name John, and Zechariah could speak.


What did Zechariah prophesy about his son?

John would be a prophet of the Most High, and he would prepare the way for The Lord.


Why did Joseph take his pregnant wife on a journey from nazareth to Bethlehem

There was a census given by Caesar Augustus


In Luke 2:10 what is said about Jesus' mission

It would bring joy for all people


Who were the two people who recognized the baby Jesus as the Messiah

Simeon and Anna


What can we learn from Simeon

That he was faithful to the end, and the Holy Spirit moved him


How was the prophecy of Isaiah 7:14 fulfilled

Mary will be a virgin
She will conceive and give birth to a son.


How was the prophecy of Micah 5:2 fulfilled

That Jesus will be born in Bethlehem


Who was Herod?

He was a roman king over Judeah


Who alerted him to the birth of A new king

The magi from the east


What deal did Herod make with the Magi

The magi were to find Jesus and report back to Harold


What gifts did the Magi give to Jesus

Gold, frankincense and myrrh


Why did the Magi not return to Harold

An angel warned the Magi not to return


Why did Joseph take his family to Egypt

The angel warned Joseph to flee


What action did Herod take when he found out that the magi were not coming back and why

He ordered all the boys age 2 & under to die because he thought Jesus would not survive


What prophecy was fulfilled by that action

Jeremiah 31:15


How did Joseph know when it was safe to return from Egypt

An angel told him to return


Where did they settle

In Nazareth


How was the prophecy of Hosea 11:1 fulfilled

Jesus was called out of Egypt


What does it mean for Jesus to be called a Nazarene

It meant Jesus chose to be a second-class citizen or looked down on