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What is a parable?why did Jesus use them?

A story that has a lesson. he used examples so all could understand


Lamp under a bowl

You don't want to hide the light. let it be seen by everyone.
let Christ shine through your life so others can worship and praise God


Wise and foolish builders

You should build your house on the rock, not the sand.

Those who live on Christ will not easily be swayed


New cloth/wine and old garment/wineskin

Use New wine skins and cloth not the old wine skins and cloth. new patch on old clothes will tear
And old wine skins will burst


The sower and the soils

A farmer Scattered seed. Something on the path and birds ate it, some fell in rocky soil but died because of shallow roots, some fell in thorns and were choked to death, and some fell in good soil and produced many crops. God is if the farmer, seeds are his word, and the soil is us.
the gospel will not be received by everyone equally the good soil will understand



A man sowed wheat in his field, and an enemy sowed wheat with it. When the weeds grew the wheat also did. They grew together and the weeds were cut down at the harvest.
The wheat represents the kingdom of heaven satun is the weed
God has ultimate control


Mustard seed

A man planted a mustard seed in his field. It will grow into the tallest garden plant and become a tree
faith can be very small at first, but it will grow



Kingdom of heaven is like a woman mixing yeast into a large amount of flour until worked through out all the dough.
Jesus may be in your life in small ways, but it will grow.


Hidden treasure/valuable pearl

The kingdom Of heaven is like a man finding treasure in a field or a merchant finding a large pearl. They sold everything and bought the pearl and the field.
what is truly valuable in life? when you find what really matters, are you willing to give up all else



Kingdom of heaven is like a net. The fisherman pulled up the net and he separated good from bad and threw the bad away.
at the end when Christ returns the righteous will be separated from the wicked


Lost sheep

A Sheep wandered away. The shepherd left his 99 sheep and found the lost sheep. he was happy. God is the shepherd and we are the sheep
God seeks out the lost


Unmerciful servant

A servant couldn't pay his master. fellow serving couldn't pay servent. serving got mad at fellow servant and threw him in jail. the master threw the servant in jail because he wasn't forgiving
We all owe God he tells us to be gracious to others as he has been to us.


Workers in the vineyard

A owner of the Vineyard went out to the town and hired workers throughout the day. when the workers got paid each were given a Denerii. the original workers complained that they got paid the same amount as those who worked one hour.
God may extend mercy to ever he wishes no matter when God calls us the reward is the same


Two sons

A man went to one of his sons and asked him to go work in the vineyard. the son refused and later changed his mind. the man went to the second son and asked the same thing. the son excepted. he never did the work.
we enter heaven not by what we say but what we do



The land owner built a vineyard with the wine press and a watchtower. he rented it to tenants while he was away. on harvest day sent servants to collect the fruit. They beat, stoned, and killed them. the man sent his son and they killed him. the man came home and killed the tenants
Not everyone will recieve gods word those who don't get punished


Wedding banquet

The king held a wedding banquet for his son but none of the invited guests came. He sent servants to them and they were killed. the king killed the murderers and invited anyone on the street corners. there was a man who was not wearing wedding clothes so he threw him outside in the darkness
The people who should have celebrated Christ rejected him. Those who spurn salvation go to hell


Faithful and wise servant

If a servant is faithful and wise doing what is right he will be rewarded by his master but if the servant is wicked and his master catches him he will be punished
No one knows when Christ will return so be ready and do what you are supposed to.


Ten virgins

Kingdom of heaven is like 10 virgins. 5 were foolish and 5 were wise. The wise brought extra oil but the others didn't. they fell asleep and the bridegroom came but the foolish Had no oil. the foolish asked for some but the wise sent them to get more oil. the bridegroom arrived and left the five foolish
We must be ready for when Christ returns



A man gave three servants 5, 2, and 1 talent the servants with 5 and 2 gained double from work the servant with 1 buried it. when the master returned he celebrated with the two of his servants and the last one he threw out because he had buried the one talent
God wants us to use our talents and opportunities for him


Growing seed

A man scatters seed the seed sprouts and grows but he doesn't know how the soil produces grain and the man harvests it.
The farmer is us and the seed is God's kingdom the growth of God's kingdom is by his own power not us


Watchful servants

A man puts his servants in charge of his house while he is away to keep watch for when he returns.
Be ready for Jesus's return


Money lender

Two men owed a money lender they could not pay him back so he canceled their debts the one with the highest debt was more grateful
God forgives us over and over again we all need God's help


Lowest seat at the feast

Do not take the higher seat take the lower seat so the host may have you go to a higher seat
if you take the higher you will be downsized to the lower seat
when giving one invite the lower people
be humble as a guest and as an inviter


Great banquet

A man had a banquet and the guest didn't come the man had his servants bring in the less fortunate to fill his house
those who reject Christ will also be rejected


Cost of discipleship

if you want to be one of Jesus's disciples you must give up everything
a man builds a tower but cannot finish it and a king with an army makes a delegation with another king
when you follow Jesus consider the hardships


Rich man and Lazarus

There was a rich man & a poor man named Lazarus. Lazarus died at the gates of the rich man and was taken to heaven. The rich man went to hell. The rich man saw Lazarus with Abraham and wanted them to come get him and warn his brothers. Abraham didn't.
you reap what you sow your choices in life affect what happens in death


Good Samaritan

A man was robbed and beaten and left half dead. a priest and Levite passed him a Samaritan helped him and took care of him he Paid an innkeeper to have the man rest there.
God is going to help and we are to love our neighbor


The Prodigial son

A split his property between his 2 sons the younger one took his $ and went to another country the younger one ran out of money and came home to work for his father but his father had a party for him the older brother was upset because he worked for his father.
we need to be like the father we need to give faith because we have been saved by faith not actions