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What does Luke tell us about Jesus from his birth to age 12

He had God's wisdom he became strong and had God's grace


How was it possible that Mary and Joseph lost Jesus

They traveled in caravans with many families they probably thought he was with another relative


What important quality do we learn about Jesus in Luke 2:40-52

He was fully God and man and he was obedient to them


What message was John the Baptist preaching in Matthew 3 and John 1:19-34

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is near


What does the kingdom of heaven mean

What life would look like if Godhad complete control: if we didn't interfere


What was unusual about John

He ate locusts & Wild honey
he wore camel hair as clothing
he lived in the desert


What Old Testament prophecy was fulfilled by John the Baptist

Malachi 4:5-6


How does John the Baptist describe Jesus in John 1:29

He is a lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world


What was different about how John the Baptist baptized people

He was baptizing to forgive sins
in Jewish culture baptizing was to be part of God's people


Why was John so harsh toward the some of the crowd in Matthew 3

They believed they were safe because they were Abraham's descendants John warns them that this is not enough


What does it mean to be baptized by fire and water

Fire judgment or wrath or HS inward
water cleanses outward


Why was Jesus baptized

He is setting an example for us


Why did The spirit led him Jesus go into the desert

The spirit led him


Does God lead us into temptation

No he tests not tempts


what was the first temptation and what did it represent

Turning stone into bread-physical temptations


What was the second temptation and what did it represent

Worship Satan in exchange for ruling the Earth disobedience or the easy way out


What was the third temptation and what did it represent

Throw yourself down because angels will guide you
proof and pride temptation


How did Jesus combat these temptations

He used Scripture


How can we combat temptation

Scripture prayer and rely him and put on the armor of God


How did Jesus leave the desert

Full of the Holy Spirit and with his power


Who pointed the first two disciples to Jesus

John the Baptist


Why did Nathanael doubt Jesus was the Messiah

Because he was from Nazareth


What convinced Nathaniel that Jesus was the Messiah

Jesus saw where he had been


How did James and John come to follow Jesus

They had been fishing all night and had nothing Jesus came and they recast and caught more fish


What kind of fishermen were the disciples to be

Fishers of men


What occupation did Levi/Matthew have

A tax collector


Why were the Pharisees upset with Jesus

He was eating and drinking with tax collectors and sinners


How did Jesus respond to the Pharisees

It is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick Jesus came for sinners


what authority did Jesus give the disciples when he sent them out

He gave them the authority to drive out evil spirits and heal every disease and sickness


What directions did Jesus give the disciples in Matthew 10:1-42

Go to the lost sheep of Israel
do not worry the Holy Spirit will guide you
take no possessions
stay with people who will provide for you
Heal the sick & drive out demons
you may be hated for oppressed


What did Jesus mean in Matthew 10:34

Jesus teachings would bring conflict not peace


List the 12 apostles from Mark 3:13-19

Simon Peter James John Andrew Philip Bartholomew Matthew Thomas James Thaddeus Simon Judas