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1. Multiple Choice

The priesthood of Jesus Christ

a) Is equal to the Aaronic priesthood

b) Is superior to the Aaronic priesthood

c) Is beyond comparison

d) None of these

(b is the correct answer)


2. Earthly high priests had to offer sacrifices for their ____ sins before they could offer sacrifices for the sins ______.

own, others


3. Jesus Christ came from which tribe? _______



4. The New Testament terminology for backsliding is ___________

falling away


5. The doctrines of Christ are:

a) __Repentance__ from dead works

b) Faith toward __God__

c) __Baptisms__ John 3:5

d) Laying on of __hands__

e) __Resurrection__ of the dead

f) Eternal __judgement__

a) Repentance
b) God
c) Baptisms
d) hands
e) Resurrection
f) judgement