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1. How many verses are there in this letter? ____



2. Who are the two possible authors of this book?

a) Jude the Apostle

b) Jude, Jesus’s younger brother ( a son of Mary and Joseph, and thus would have been a younger brother of Jesus )


3. What are the 3 important words from the first verse of this Epistle?

a) Sanctified

b) Preserved

c) Called


4. Multiple Choice

That salvation is called common in Jude means it is?

a) Well known

b) Available for all

c) Contemptible

d) Available for few

(b is the correct answer)


5. Jude emphasises __________ contending for the ______.

earnestly, faith


6. Faith deals with the _________ of the body of ________ of the sound ________, the Apostle’s doctrine.

substance, beliefs, doctrines


7. The way of Cain means having a form of _________, but rejecting _____ means for __________

religion, God’s, redemption