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1. Multiple Choice

According to the lesson Titus was not mentioned in which of these epistles?

a) Romans

b) II Corinthians

c) Galatians

d) Titus

(a is the correct answer)


2.Multiple Choice

Titus was a messenger of the church of?

a) Ephesus

b) Galatia

c) Corinth

d) Ephesus

(c is the correct answer)


3. True/False

a) Titus accompanied Paul and Barnabas on a journey to Athens. __False__

(it was to Jerusalem)

b) Titus was left by Paul in Crete. __True__

c) Titus was bishop of Crete. __True__

d) Titus was present I Rome after Paul’s final imprisonment. __True__

e) Confirmed heretics should be kept in the church. __False__

( They are to be rejected )

f) Strivings (contending) about the law should be avoided. __True__

g) According to Galatians 2:3 Titus was not compelled to be circumcised. __true__

a) false
b) true
c) true
d) true
e) false
f) true
g) true


4. Paul had some type of an organisational ________.



5. Delegate ________ and ________ leadership to achieve _______.

authority, appoint, more


6. Circumcision of the heart is referred to through ______________.

water baptism


7. The _____ women ought to be examples and teachers to younger women.