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582) Transgender- During transition, an employee might choose to adopt the dress and identity of the new gender role. At the same time, the employee might choose to adopt a new name that conforms to the new gender identity. The City’s response to the employee’s decisions regarding dress and name change during transition will be to use personal references of the employee’s choosing (he/she, him/her, etc.) and to use the employee’s new name. Appropriate identification documents (City Identification Badge) will be allowed to conform to the employee’s new name. Because personnel and payroll documents are determined by an employee’s legal name as it appears on his/her _____ _____ ______, such records will be changed upon submittal of a _____ _____ ______ in the employee’s new legal name.

Social Security Card
Social Security Card


583) Transgender- The employee should use the restroom facility of the ______ choosing. The employee may also use a single-occupant bathroom (male or female). In employee only areas, an inside lock or latch may be installed to ensure privacy when only multiple-occupant male only or female only restroom facilities are available



584) Use of Email, Internet: Because use of the City’s email and internet are for City business purposes only, employees should have no ______ ___ _______ when using these technologies. Email and internet use may be reviewed at any time.

expectation of privacy


585) Use of Email, Internet:
Employees shall not use City internet services to access broadcasting of web-streamed _____.



586) Cell Phone: Employees are not allowed to use their cellular telephone (either City issued phones or personal phones) while _____ on City business or while conducting City business unless a hands-free device is used. Even when using a hands-free device, conducting City business on a cellular telephone while driving should be kept to a minimum and only done when necessary. This section does not apply to an employee using a cellular telephone without a hands-free device for emergency purposes (such as calling 911) while driving on City business.
Sworn police and fire personnel using a cellular telephone in the course and scope of their duties without a hands-free device while driving an emergency vehicle shall make every reasonable effort to safely stop the emergency vehicle before using the cellular telephone, unless a matter of operational urgency exists. If operational urgency does exist, sworn police or fire personnel shall keep the conversation as short as possible, or bring the vehicle to a safe stop to complete the conversation.
Under no circumstances shall employees send or read _____ _______ or _____ while driving a vehicle on City business.

text messages


587) Cell Phone: City issued cell phones are to be used for official City business only.
Personal use of cellular phones is only permitted in cases of ________. Should employees make personal calls outside of the provisions above, reimbursement to the City will be required and the employee may be subject to disciplinary action



588) All staff authorized to use a City issued cellular telephone for City business are required to review their phone bills when provided to them by the Cell Phone Liaison and reimburse the City for any and all personal calls at a rate of $___ per minute or the actual cost of the call, whichever is greater.
Users shall review the bills, highlight personal calls, and return the Reimbursement Packet to the liaison along with a check, payable to the City of San Jose, for the total cost of the personal calls. If the amount due is $_____ or less, the user is not required to provide reimbursement; however, personal use of a City cell phone resulting in payment less than $_____ may still be subject to disciplinary action if personal use is for reasons other than an emergency.