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524) The role of the officer is to keep or restore order rather than enforcing the _________.



525) A temporary restraining order may often be obtained with or without notice to the other side. When it is obtained without notice, it is considered an "ex _________" order because it was obtained "by one party" only.



526) An "___________" is simply a writ or order of the court requiring a person to refrain from a particular act. When such an order is obtained after a full evidentiary hearing or "trial," it is considered "permanent." That is, it stays in effect indefinitely or until modified or dissolved.



527) Domestic Violence Restraining Orders- Generally, it is important to know that these orders can be obtained for _________. That is, there is no filing fee for a petition for a protective order or for a response or modification to such an order.



528) An emergency protective order takes effect when it is issued and expires at the close of business (5:00 p.m.) on either the fifth _____ day after it was issued or on the seventh _______ day, whichever comes first.



529) Duration of Non-Emergency Orders- An order issued after notice and hearing normally will last no more than _______ years. However, by stipulation or motion of a party, a court can extend this time, and orders lasting five and ten years, or even longer, are being issued more often. If the order does not reflect an expiration date on its face, it lasts ______ years.



530) Registration and Enforcement of Non-Emergency Orders- the petitioner (protected person/victim/plaintiff) shall be provided, at no cost, ____ certified, stamped and endorsed copies of any non-emergency order, as well as of any extension, modification, or termination of an order



531) For cars and other vehicles subject to registration under the Vehicle Code, a repossession occurs when the repossessor gains entry to the vehicle, or when the vehicle becomes connected to a __________ truck.



532) Who May Repossess-There are three groups which may repossess property.
a. The first group includes the seller and his _______-_______ employees.
b. The second group is the bank or finance company which has purchased the debt from the seller.
c. The third group includes ______ repossessors. This group is required to have a state license.



533) Landlord/Tenant- Removal of Former Tenant's Property- Generally, the landlord may either leave the personal property in the vacated premises or may put it in safe storage. Either way, the landlord must give written notice to the former tenant, describing the abandoned property, informing the tenant (or other owner) where the property may be claimed, and advising her that she has 15 days (in the case of personal delivery of the notice) or 18 days (in the case of mailing the notice) within which to pay for the storage and take possession of the property.
This notice also informs the former tenant (or other owner) that if she fails to reclaim the abandoned property within the specified time, it will be sold at a public sale or, if its resale value (probably referring to garage sale prices) is less than $____, that it may be kept, sold, or destroyed by the landlord.



534) Defrauding Innkeepers, Etc. –it is a crime to intentionally not pay any type of "innkeeper" (hotel, restaurant, motel, campground, ski area, marina, marine facility, etc.) for services rendered or to otherwise defraud the service provider of any credit, food, fuel or accommodations.If the value of the services, credit, food, fuel or accommodations is $__________ or less, it is a misdemeanor; if the value is over $__________, it is a felony.